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Marketing Your Urban-Fiction | Urban Fiction News

small__163867388[1]In my constant search for more ways to sell more books I have decided to take a closer look into Amazon’s Listmania! Many consumers enjoy sharing a great find which is why many companies covet the most powerful marketing strategy which is word of mouth marketing. In the world of modern-day technology word of mouth marketing is like hitting a gold mine. So Listmania! becomes a great way for authors to maximize exposure for their books. This post is dedicated to selling more books using the Amazon platform.

What is Listmania! ?

Amazon offers its customers an opportunity to create a list of their favorite things. They can build their lists according to their interest and other shoppers who are interested in the same types of items are free to view the list. The purpose of the lists is to help other shoppers find good reads or products. Its Amazon’s way of advertising more products by way of consumers. Listmania! lists can be named to make it easier to find and searched. Example: “Best Urban Fiction Books

Benefits of Listmania!

The obvious benefits of using Listmania! from a marketing point of view is more exposure. Your book can be put on the same list with well-known authors. What makes this so exciting is that when people look up a genre for example urban fiction and they type in the name of a well-known competitor your book’s title will also appear as well. Having a few lists created with your book’s title on it means more potential exposure as well as more chances for reviews which also boosts your book on the Amazon search ranking.

Listmania! and You

If you are a debut author you may not have a following however,Listmania! can aid you in getting more recognition,exposure and sales. The first step to getting a Listmania! list is to sign into your Amazon account,if you don’t have one you will need to create a profile. It is also possible Amazon may want you to make a purchase before you can set up a Listmania! list. You can buy a .99 cent ebook to speed up the process. Next,log into you account and go to your profile page. There will be a contributions page where you can select lists. You will need to name the lists,tell why you are qualified. “writer” or “reviewer or even lover of the genre” should be satisfactory.

If you are a writer creating the list you will not want to avoid the intro section of your lists. This will give people an idea of what your list is about or what they can expect to see. Add items to your list and though it may be tempting authors shouldn’t list their book on the top instead place titles of well known competitors at the top and then yours a few down on the list. It will help look less marketing strategy. After your list is created implore the assistance of family and friends who would be willing to do the same. When people do a search for urban fiction,Listmania! will automatically feature lists with relevant content or titles. People who are familiar with your competitors who are more known will see your title and may be compelled to get a copy to see what your story is all about.


The Last Transmission of a Gangster
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