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Thriller books made into movies

Best Books Made into Movies
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'Cloud Atlas' (2012)

Winner and nominee of multiple book awards, David Mitchell's 2004 bestseller, Cloud Atlas (in theaters on Oct. 26), is finally getting its time on the big screen. Andy and Lana Wachowski took the imaginative novel and successfully translated it to film, creating one of the most expensive independent movies of all time. The sci-fi blockbuster is being well-received and was even celebrated with a 10-minute standing ovation at the the 37th Toronto Film Festival. The biggest change from the book to the highly buzzed about movie is the way the story unfolds. The book consists of six separate storylines in a linear fashion -- one plot after the other. In the film, the stories blend together harmoniously to emphasize how one action can flow through to another time. Between the out-of-this-world production value and the star-studded cast -- including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon -- it's no surprise that the movie is already getting some Oscar buzz!


Dell The Testament: A Novel
Book (Dell)

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Broken flowers

2005-08-26 07:45:49 by lime

Jarmusch movies are like vonnegut books for me: i feel engaged while experiencing the things but afterward the only lingering thought in my head is: didn't i drop off TWO pairs of pants at the dry cleaners?
a recommend only for jarmusch fans. it was basically payne's about schmidt, if schmidt hadn't gotten married and was more attractive.
it was a kind of phone-in for murray. only the connection was bad. and the line went down 2/3rds of the way through.
it would've made for more engaging viewing if some of the mystery had been amped up. not made into some sixth sense thriller, but with more audience teasing, clues and red herrings along the way

Off Our Meds MultiMedia Encrypted: An Action-Packed Techno-Thriller (Book 1 of the Robin Hood Hacker Series)
eBooks (Off Our Meds MultiMedia)
Grand Central Publishing Two Graves (Pendergast)
Book (Grand Central Publishing)
Lions Gate Mary Higgins Clark: Mystery Movie Collection
DVD (Lions Gate)
Jove Killing Floor (Jack Reacher)
Book (Jove)

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