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Five Supernatural Thrillers by Lavie Tidhar
On the day of publication of his latest book, the supernatural thriller An Occupation of Angels, Lavie Tidhar picks five favourite works which helped inspire it.

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Not only does the first Indiana Jones movie show once and for all that Nazis make the best villains, but it has everything else, in the best tradition of the 30s movie serials and pulp fiction: a tough hero, a beautiful girl, a mysterious object of great power, an international scope, a chase, a mystery, ancient ruins... In An Occupation of Angels the girl is the tough hero, and the sunny climes of Egypt give way to the frozen ways of Siberia, but the spirit of pulp, I hope, runs through it nevertheless, and the sense of adventure, and mysteries, and fun.

2. Declare

In Declare, Tim Powers created a Le Carre-style thriller focusing on the fictional Andrew Hale, the real-life story of British superspy Kim Philby (and his father), and Noah’s Ark! A brilliant mix of the spy novel with the supernatural, filled with Powers’ usual meticulous historical research, and showing that Cold War era Russians make the second best villains. I saw no reason in An Occupation of Angels, incidentally, not to have both... including a scene with our heroine trapped in the dreaded Lubyanka prison. Naturally.

3. Northern Lights

Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass, for you Yanks) is many things, including, I think, a damn good thriller. It’s set in the North, where my own heroine, Killarney, ends up, and it includes contemplation of the role of God and belief, and angels, all of which feature in An Occupation of Angels. I loved Northern Lights when I first read it... I even had a first edition at some point, long sold on a lean month to pay off rent.

4. The Dumas Club

Or The Club Dumas to you Yanks (why do Americans keep changing perfectly good titles? See also my last book below). Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s masterpiece of book collecting, Three Musketeers aficionados and, just possibly, the devil was made into an excruciating film starring Johnny Depp (The Ninth Gate) but if we ignore Polanski (as we should!) this book reminds us just how important books are – and how much fun they can be, too.

5. Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow

Or Smilla’s Sense of Snow to our American cousins (as readers of John Le Carre would call them). Another wonderful book, by Peter Høeg, combining a murder mystery, a possibly science fictional, possibly Tintin-inspired premise, and some of the best writing ever to grace a page, this book really knows snow.

There’s a lot of snow in An Occupation of Angels, too – inspired by my own trip across Siberia, on the Trans-Siberian route from Moscow to Beijing, in 2000 – as well as angels, spies, Nazis, the KGB, God, trains, microlights, knife fights, snipers, small planes, an ice castle and a transdimensional gateway. Possibly.

Lavie Tidhar’s An Occupation of Angels (“stunningly imaginative and perfectly realised” – Michael Marshall) is released today. Pick up a copy on Amazon or follow Lavie on Twitter for a chance to win signed copies of his books!


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Writers WANTED - No poets please

2002-02-14 13:59:56 by UnboundBooks

We are a small, somewhat radical publishing company in the North Bay. We are actively looking for writers *GOOD* writers who write kinky erotica, supernatural fiction, vampira, science fiction, fantasy, gay and lesbian, romance, thrillers and non-fiction. Quite frankly, too many of our submissions are of a poor or boring quality. We are trying to grow our business and we need some fresh talent to get there. We don't pay advances but we do pay royalties. If you are interested please visit our website at
I don't visit this message board often so I won't see any responses to this request

I can't speak for others

2007-10-06 13:56:10 by millahnna

But for myself, when it comes to reading, I mostly read sci fi, fantasy, horror, and thrillers (typically though not always with a supernatural bent). My reasons for being drawn to such are twofold.
First, when I think back on my literature classes in school, I remember the attempts to get us to correlate themes and events in the books to our own lives. I always found more benefit in this line of thinking when it was applied to my "genre" fiction than the historical fiction and various so called "classics" (oh how I do loathe John Steinbeck... mostly).
A lot of this has to do with how such classes were taught; where we were asked to think for ourselves about the material and then told we got a wrong answer when we didn't come up with the classic interpretations of any...

A couple of thoughts

2005-04-06 13:56:20 by MrEarbrass

1) I don’t think that anyone in publishing believes that chick lit is going away. That said, the number of “name” authors has multiplied in recent years, which means that the opportunities for newcomers have decreased. Yeah, if you write a quick read with a good hook, you’ll get published, but you wouldn’t believe the number of chick lit mss. wandering New York right now. (As an aside, a big part of marketing chick lit has to do with marketing the author, and men in their mid-30s aren’t exactly the marketing department’s dream unless their book finds a way to cleverly capitalize on their gender

I dunno about the guy in Portland but

2004-10-21 10:19:18 by knudsen2

From the Chronicle:
There are more well-read drinkers in San Francisco than anywhere else in the land.
That's because, according to a new federal survey, San Franciscans spend more on books than residents of any other U.S. city.
...The average San Franciscan, however, spent $744 on booze and $266 on books, out of an annual income of $70,237. The average resident of Los Angeles, by comparison, spent only $412 and $148 for the same items, out of an annual income of $53,514.
"People are smart here, they read the paper, they know things," said Diane Goodman, owner of West Portal Books

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