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How to Sell Your Fiction Online: A Love Story

Portrait of a Woman Blogger, after Frederick C...Three weeks had passed since I’d been downsized. I’d spent the time since sending out resumes, networking, making calls, updating my Twitter account, updating my Facebook account, checking to see if there were any funny new cat videos on BuzzFeed and staunchly refusing to do the laundry. Why bother? It wasn’t like I had to leave the house.

At a certain point, getting out of bed became difficult. So, I moved my MacBook into the bed. In the morning, I would lean over the edge of the bed, and, attempting to not fall off and onto the floor, pull the laptop into the bed. This was my exercise. My mattress was my desk. From here, I would rule the world.

Only, that’s not exactly what happened. Instead, I got bored.


TIP #1: Don’t think outside the box. Destroy the box.

I’m a journalist. That means I work in a dying industry. I’m also a fiction writer. That means I work in two dying industries. Like many others writers, I write literary fiction “on the side.” More serious writing jobs are our hamburgers. Fiction is our fries.

I’d sent out over a 100 resumes, and I had nothing to show for it. Plus, the monotony was killing me. Resumes, cover letters, and the endless scanning of job sites is like solitary confinement. There is little light, almost no physical contact, and nobody ever says, “Hey, good job in there!”

If this wasn’t working, what would? What if … I did the unthinkable? I decided I wouldn’t sell my used underpants to the guy who’d sent me an email offering a grand for them — not yet, anyway. I would sell … a love story.


Are you looking for a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift for the object of your affection?

I put my fiction writing skills on the market a few days before Valentine’s Day. In a blog post, I outlined my experiment. I would write a 1, 000-word short short story (otherwise known as flash fiction) for one lucky reader. To be chosen, readers would send me an email in which they outlined (in no more than 100 words) their story idea and state what they would pay me to write the story. From those, I would pick a winner. We’d arrange payment, and I’d write the story and deliver it (via email) to its new owner within 24 hours of payment.

Then, I waited.


TIP #2: Find a niche, or forget about it.

I’ve been a fiction writer for as long as I can remember. One of my early works involved a buffalo. It was handwritten on a sheet of paper with one-inch tall lines for kindergarten scrawl. After graduate school, my short stories were published in literary magazines, online, and in anthologies. Several years ago, I published a short story collection: You’re a Bad Man, Aren’t You? The book has since gone out of print. Used book sellers offer it on Amazon starting at $2, 398.04.


The responses trickled in. I wondered if my experiment would work, or if it was doomed to fail. After all, these were the heady days of content farms, not bespoke literature. Still, I’d taken enough yoga classes to know the universe is a freaky place and any attempts to comprehend it are made in vain.

Here’s what I figured. I had something. Somebody else needed something. Nature abhors a vacuum. If my intuition was right, we would find each other.


The Monster at the End of This Book (fka Stranger than Fiction)
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Fiction has existed for thousands of years.

2010-08-08 18:12:07 by The_Amazing_Rants

The Bible is one of the earliest works of fiction to mention ghosts and other supernatural scenarios and beings.
Why? Because it excites people. It makes a dull ordinary life seem like a daredevil feat when you can imagine you've encountered a ghost.
If you were in a totally empty house, your name was not whispered in your ear. You imagined it in the same manner you can hear music in your head in a silent room. The neurons in your brain fire in the exact same manner, whether you're listening to something or imagining it.

Yes they read comic books and watch Sci-Fi movi

2006-12-27 14:25:20 by Ayal

I further contend that some of those who claim to be 'realists' and to function well "apart" from the supernatural are comfortable with and believe in science fiction, media and motion picture idols, read comic books, horoscopes, and engage in other forms of fantasizing and escapism such as relaying upon and having tendencies to be actually addicted to alcohol ["spirits" and drugs to escape the real world and its incessant demands" as do also religious people
What about that! Be honest!

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