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Free online books Fiction - Adventure Books

Free online books Fiction

Free Ebooks - Crime Stories, Thriller Books, Mystery books
2008 Additions to, The Internet s Only

If you enjoy crime stories,
thrillers and mysteries you have
come to the right place. Perhaps
you are looking for a well-written
detective novel that's full of
twists, turns and suspense? Or a
whodunnit that keeps you guessing
right up to the last page? Obooko
has put together a collection of
some of the best free fiction
available on the Web. And, for your
peace of mind, we are authorised to
distribute each and every title.
The thriller books here include:
psychological thrillers, crime
thrillers, legal thrillers,
supernatural thrillers, political
thrillers and more. And some of the
best mystery books around. Pdf is
the most popular ebook format but
we are converting as many titles as
we can to epub and kindle. So sit
back and let our authors take you
to the cities, streets and dark
alleyways of their


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Nope i own a ectaco jetbook lite ereader

2010-10-07 16:22:19 by short_bus_pile_up

Amazon kindle is just as stupid as an apple ipad. people buy it just for the name and spend hundred sof bucks for it. who the hell needs wifi and a special store to buy books. i just need a drag and drop usb connection to read txt and html files.
there are thousands of free ebooks online from amatures and pro authors in those formats. only idiots spend money on fiction
mine costs 68 bucks from newegg on sale free shipping no sales tax . regular retail price is 150 bucks.
and mine uses replaceable rechargeable AA batteries so i dont have to worry about the stupid built in rechargeable batteries dying and making the ereader useless like what...

I have ALL Matheson's stuff, and his son's too

2008-03-19 17:14:42 by HeroesBrains

I collected most of it in the 90's (all paperback so it's not that cool) at Powell's Books in Portland. I jonesed for that bookstore when I left for a few years before it was online. There's some stories just in TZ Magazine, that I got in Hollywood in the 80's.
All of Stephen King's stuff too.
I collect shit that is now all available on the internets for free, and pay monthly storage to keep it. I need to learn to use ebay.
I love sci-fi/horror and non-fiction.

Interesting topic

2008-12-02 16:17:58 by pawpawgal

Super rude post about the bible is fiction...I am not a practicing Christian but...
there are many books involving biblical plants, oils, and so forth. The easiest method to finding them is simply searching online and reading reviews. Difficult subject to be kept in stock, but find the books you want, and your local book store will order, often free of shipping as is the case with my home town mom and pop.
google books, you can get previews there.

Reposting from last night

2007-03-04 11:37:35 by FireRose77

Its actualy a fairly common fantasy :)
I'd say its a kidnap D/S romance
If you're looking to read fiction with similar themes
there's - they have everything from really rough stories to some farily romantic ones - they are free.
and then there are a crapload of romantic erotica publishers (including plenty of kidnap fantasies - both gentle and rough ones)
a lot of them sell their e-books on
then, there's always the library :) yes, you can find erotica, including kidnap fantasies at the library

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