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7 Bestseller Book Marketing Strategies For Fiction Writers

storefrontBy Jonathan Gunson

June 12th 2013

Be honest now, are you still dreaming of that contract with a publisher? Fantasizing about a mile-long book signing queue outside the book store?

If so, you’re not alone. Most of my writer friends still cling to the author dream of writing a book, then doing nothing further except being signed by a publisher who does everything else, such as printing, distributing to book stores, and mass marketing that turns their book into a bestseller.

Unfortunately, very few publishers do this any more.You Must Read This! I’m sorry to shatter anyone’s illusions, but those days are fading away, thanks to the one store that rules them all:


Amazon. Ignore It At Your Peril

You see, because of the huge number of books sold online by Amazon and the explosion of self-publishing, publisher’s profit margins have been seriously squeezed, and it has also affected main-street retailers. Every day another book store closes.Erin Knightley

So publishers will now only spend money promoting brand name authors such as Nora Roberts or George R.R. Martin, because their large fan bases make them a safe bet.

But if you’re a new author, no such luck, except in rare instances.Dartboard Even if you do have a publisher it’s still largely down to you to market your own books.

So I’m going to give you the seven key marketing strategies you need to do this successfully.

No selling is required either. In fact, your primary strategy is simply to ensure that your books are discoverable.
i.e. easily found by readers wherever you sell your books.

And if your books are well written and resonate with readers, then you’ll begin to build a fan base of advocates who tell all their friends, which will ignite the most powerful form of book marketing – contagious word of mouth recommendation, reader to reader.

But first, they need to find your books. So let’s look at how to make your books discoverable. Here are seven clearly defined strategies to make your books more visible, increase sales, and grow long-term readership.

7 Bestseller Book Marketing Strategies

1. Choose Your Genre So Readers Can Find Your Books

It’s vital to determine exactly where you fit in the marketplace, so your books can be found by readers of a specific genre.

For example: Thriller, Romantic Fiction, Historical Romance, YA, Police Procedural, Crime, Mystery, Fantasy, Paranormal. Or even a tiny sub-genre within one of these.

But whichever you write for, there is one certainty: The narrower you focus the genre, the more likely you are to be successful, because most readers look for specific types of books and obsessively hunt them down. It’s better to be meaningful to a smaller group of you-holics who love your work and talk about it.

Don’t become a wandering generality.
Be a meaningful specific.”

Zig Ziglar

2. Create A Unique Brand That Stands Out From The Crowd

Considering there are millions of titles available on Amazon, your books need a unique of two separate cultural memes, such as Wizards and English Public Schools.

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I get books on tape from my state library for

2006-02-25 10:14:53 by wallaroo

"Blind and Handicapped". They mail them right to my house and provide me with a machine to play them on so I can listen right in the comfort of my bed on bad days. They have all books, classics, bestsellers, fiction and non-fiction and magazines. They are available in all states by act of congress.
It's a totally free service for anyone that is blind or mobility impaired, only requires a dr.s note.
I honestly don't think I'd need to use any other service, but the only input I would suggest is have it adaptable to large print.
Good luck.

I personally found the writing to be even lower

2006-10-08 20:18:13 by of_a_level_than

Stephen king and dean koontz. Great idea (which he did and has admitted stealing the ideas fromt he 1982 book, which he was able to get away with legally because the authors claimed their book was a work of non-fiction, and you can't copyright ideas that are non-fiction) but so amazingly predicatable my 3 year old could have told me what was going to happen next.
Pure pop mass-geared drivel, plain and simple. Like most books on the bestsellers list, they're designed so people that don't know how to think can read them and "get it".

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