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What is Your Favorite Survival Fiction Book?
Your Ultimate Survival Guide to June s Science Fiction and Fantasy

Okay – this reader question is going to exclude some readers who don’t read survival fiction (my apologies – next one will be more inclusive).

What is your Favorite Survival Fiction Book – and Why? How about your least favorite?

This question must be in the top five questions that I’m asked each week by readers – so I thought it would be useful to have a post that I can point people to for suggestions made by other readers.

So what survival fiction books are in your “must read” basket?

Looking forward to reading your answers as I’m sure other readers are too.

PS: I’ll kick things off – my favorite survival fiction books would have to be One Second After by William R. Forstchen, realistic and well written.


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Is it just called "after the plague"?

2003-09-08 19:06:25 by teatime

There's one by Jean Ure but I can't find info about it...out of print and all that...shit, says that one's from 1995...could be a rerealease though...humm check this link...still no editorial reviews or antyhing but this sounds right...
is what I could find about Plague 99 (the name doesn't seem quite right)
Editorial Reviews
One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools, this is a story of survival, friendship and loyalty, featuring three teenagers in a picture of life after a plague has killed their parents and left London a ghost town

Yahoo email, poetry site, Craig's List.

2004-03-10 07:53:06 by HopelessTease

I am currently reading my Chapter-A-Day Book Club emails. Fun!
This week's books:
THE NOSE: A Profile of Sex, Beauty, and Survival
by Gabrielle Glaser (nonfiction)
- so far, very well-written and interesting - this is only the third day of this book and it's already got me thinking a LOT about my own sense of smell - it has also already made it on my To Read list
COOKING FOR HARRY: A Low-Carbohydrate Novel
by Kay-Marie James (fiction)
- I was quick to think this was going to be crap, because it's light fiction, my least favorite genre, but it's so well-written and on a topic I enjoy (food!) so I'm getting a kick out of it

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