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Nominations for our Science Fiction and Fantasy poll are now closed, but check back in a few weeks to vote for your favorites!

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In summer, people like to get away. Some visit the beach, others the mountains. But many of us like to go a little further: to Arrakis perhaps, or Earthsea — or maybe a new dimension entirely. Which is to say, we escape into a fat science fiction or fantasy novel.

And so, to help you chart any fantastic voyages you might like to take this vacation season, NPR Books is focusing our annual summer readers' poll on science fiction and fantasy (SF/F to insiders). During the coming weeks, your votes will decide the titles that make our top-100 list of the best SF/F novels ever written.

The first step in the process is to assemble nominees from you, the audience. To nominate your favorite SF/F books, log in below and write the titles and authors into the Comments field. Here are a few guidelines:

1. Limit yourself to five titles per post. Don't hesitate to nominate a book that someone else has already listed; your entry will count as a vote in favor of that title progressing to the next round.

2. No young-adult or children's titles, please. We plan to devote a poll to YA next summer. (It's also no fun if Harry Potter wins every year.)

3. Horror and paranormal romance are also out, which disqualifies most of Stephen King (also a big winner in previous polls), Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer. Once again, we'll cover horror in a future poll.

4. Feel free to nominate a series — such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or Asimov's Foundation — as a single, collective work rather than listing individual books.

5. That said, there are series and series: To qualify as a collective work, the books in a series must be written consistently by the same originating author or authors. For example, you can't nominate the whole Star Wars franchise, though you can nominate individual Star Wars novels.

I can hear the howls of protest already. But arguing the fine points of zombie rules and such is half the fun (for the record, if zombie-ism is caused by a virus, then we're safely in the SF realm). In the end, a panel of SF/F writers and critics will make the tough calls about what's in or out.

Meanwhile, as the saying goes in the Seven Kingdoms, Winter Is Coming. So while summer lasts, let's make the most of it with a celebration of fantastic fiction. Give us your lists!


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Need researcher/collaborator for book

2004-01-09 21:59:49 by itsalltrue

I am a television industry figure with a fantastic story to tell in what will be a best selling non-fiction book. Just by telling you the working title, you would be able to see the power of the idea and the market for the book.
I write pretty well, and have worked as a writer, so I'm not looking for a ghost--I want to make that clear. I'm going to write the book.
But I need help in at least the following areas: highly detailed, impeccably fact-checked research, some of which will be to go back to best selling self-baring books written years ago the truth of which I'm going to blow out of the water, other of which will be tracking day-to-day news reports of events over a 7-year period to provide a timeline and confirmation of the details of what has been one of the biggest...

I came a little late to that party.

2007-08-03 22:07:19 by paintedangel

I finally decided to read the books, and am almost finished with the second one already. I would recommend them to anybody, of any age, who likes to get lost in a good story.
I still enjoy many books or series written for children and adolescents...they are some of the best stories I have ever read. For example, I adore C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia and anything by Roald Dahl. Also, Bridge to Terabithia is a great book.
Adult fiction tends to focus on adult issues for plot (love, loss, family relationships) - heavier stuff overall. Sometimes it is just great to get lost in a story

I didn't say

2007-06-30 21:07:34 by GlenLivetGlenRoss

I don't read, in my post above. I said quite plainly that there are four books I've been studying closely for a couple of years.
One of the authors is Samuel Beckett (I assume he's still at least marginally influential), but the others are still working, and generally considered among the finest writers alive.
The only other author I've read in the past two years is JM Coetzee. Earlier this year, I ran across an essay he'd written (on Beckett), and realized I had never read any of his fiction, which surprised me because I regard his Nobel speech as the best thing of its kind I've ever read

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