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The Top 5 Science Fiction Comics

Recently, I’ve been on a huge sci-fi kick.

Hahahahahaha. Ha. Ha.

Okay, sorry. It’s just that I said “recently”, and if you know even a little bit about me you know that sci-fi fandom runs in my blood perhaps more dominantly than comic book nerdism. It’s such a major part of my life that I even have a Star Wars tattoo – yeah, I represent the Fett.

But while my obsession and love for the crazy futuristic is always there, my specialized fixations come and go. As of late it has been reignited with a little thing called Battlestar Galactica – somehow I missed the boat on that one and I’ve only just started watching it for the first time, and it has my heart beating fast for futuristic spaceships and self aware machines.

Naturally, I try to marry my fandoms as often as possible, combining one thing I love (in this case, genre) with something I think it would be well suited to (see: comics). Sci-fi comics are old news, a genre that has been pretty prominent in the expanse of titles since at least the 1930s. I’ve dedicated my life (well, okay, a few hours a week curled up in my favourite comfy chair) to finding the best scifi comics – the ones that make me just as excited as I was the first time I saw Star Wars or watched Spock logically deduce.

Sci-fi itself is a broad genre. It differs from fantasy in that while fictional, the scenarios presented in a sci-fi story are scientifically possible. For example: futuristic worlds, advanced spaceships, sophisticated robots sporting artificial intelligence, etc. For me, the appeal is in this – that perhaps in my lifetime NASA will make the “impossible” possible. We may inhabit other planets or invent something akin to a holodeck. Even while I was at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) last week I was looking at 3D printers and paper thin televisions – and in my head I was envisioning space colonization and the pew pew pew of blaster rifles.

But for now I will stick to the more fantastical side of sci-fi, which brings me to the list below. After much digging through my shelves and chewing of my lower lip, I have decided on the five most essential Science Fiction titles in comics. Prepare yourself for a trek into the probable.

Flash Gordon

It seemed something of a sin not to include this classic on my list. Flash Gordon has been around since the early 30s, prevailing even through the angry uprising against comic books in the 1950s (thanks to Fredric Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent, in which he stated that comic books cause juvenille delinquents). It’s stayed true for many years, and remains a pop culture icon even today – most people (in my age range, at least) immediately envision battling dinosaurs and crazy space travel when you say the words “Flash Gordon”.


Out There (An Illustrated Children's Book)
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Yes they read comic books and watch Sci-Fi movi

2006-12-27 14:25:20 by Ayal

I further contend that some of those who claim to be 'realists' and to function well "apart" from the supernatural are comfortable with and believe in science fiction, media and motion picture idols, read comic books, horoscopes, and engage in other forms of fantasizing and escapism such as relaying upon and having tendencies to be actually addicted to alcohol ["spirits" and drugs to escape the real world and its incessant demands" as do also religious people
What about that! Be honest!

I have a bunch of vintage comic magazines

2004-09-13 18:19:36 by want-to-get-rid

Of them. I have a bookstore in Alameda. Someone gave me a bunch of books, and included were a bunch of comics and comic-related magazines: Nuance, The Saviour, Shade: The Changing Man, Algol - A Magazine About Science Fiction; a bunch of SpeakEasy magazines, etc.
Where can I get rid of these? I know nothing about the comics market, although some of them show up as pretty pricey when I research...

Finding a comic arts mentor?

2011-06-28 11:23:36 by Ceenor

I have always, always drawn comic books. I come from an artistic family. I went to a magnet arts school. I have spent the last 5+ years putting together two binders of research, development, designs, maps, scripts, and even languages for a science fiction epic. I want to pursue this more than anything. It's my baby.
...but I have no discipline. I have long resisted any critique, guidance, or traditional schooling. I've been stubbornly independent and felt like any outside influence would somehow taint my creativity. I have a million ideas and a fair amount of talent, but haven't developed the actual skill or time management necessary to put out my graphic novel

CNN picks 3 books for summer- they all look like

2011-06-12 07:47:34 by FriendofFargo

Fun reads - especially "Robopocalypse" - although it would be better with zombies. Too bad Arnold's too old to play the robot
(CNN) -
"Robopocalypse" by Daniel H. Wilson
First up is a science-fiction novel being hailed as a potential
"Robopocalypse" from Daniel H. Wilson has only just hit bookstores but it's already headed to the big screen.
DreamWorks optioned the film rights in November, and Oscar-winner Steven Spielberg is planning to direct.
Wilson's science-fiction tale already has plans to hit the big screen

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Alcove - Sci-Fi Comic Book Art
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Column - Sci-Fi Comic Book Art
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Ruined Walls - Sci-Fi Comic Book Art

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