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Science Fiction books Reports - Adventure Books

Science Fiction books Reports

Book Reports

March - Comic Book Report

Comic By Jim Davis Created By Stan Lee, Co-plotter Steve Ditko

For March's book report you have a choice between reading a fantasy or science fiction story. Remember a fantasy story includes elements that are impossible like magic or talking animals. A science fiction story uses science or technology. Print the directions and the comic storyboard planner below.

Printable Comic Book Report Directions


Tut, Tut comic by Ivory Buck IV

The Computer Nut comic by BreAsia Cornish

Bridge to Terabithia comic by Adrianne Duncan

Ironman comic by Aaron Bury

Holiday Princess comic by Rita Emory

April - Newspaper Article Book Report

April's book report is realistic fiction. Remember that realistic fiction is a story with made up characters and events, but the events could happen in real life. You will become a reporter and summarize the story in your article. Print out the directions for the newspaper book report below.

Printable Newspaper Article Book Report Directions

May - Historical Figure Book Report

May's book report is historical fiction. Remember historical fiction is a fictional story that takes place in a time period in the past. The setting is usually real, but the characters are made up from the author's imagination. You will be dressing up as a character from your book and summarizing the story from your characters point of view. Print out the directions from the historical figure book report below.

Printable Historic Figure Book Report Directions


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Friction is always nice.

2003-12-06 14:51:42 by teatime

It is difficult to fit in books for pleasure of late. I used to always read six or seven books at a time per week just for fun. The librarians at my grade school let me read all the new books before they put them on the shelves because I'd read the whole library. (they also let me help them sort through which books weren't topical/good/interesting/in good shape anymore...which was nice because I got to keep some castoffs!)
What do you call SERIOUS nonfiction? History? (which can arguably be considered fiction), Science? Stock Reports?
I just finished Christmas shopping for my parents

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Science News Report for Homework ;D
Science News Report for Homework ;D
SCIENCE FICTION original, Chuck …
SCIENCE FICTION original, Chuck …
Sci-Fi In Hi-Fi:Science Fiction Paperback …
Sci-Fi In Hi-Fi:Science Fiction Paperback …
HarperCollins Into the Wild (Warriors, Book 1)
Book (HarperCollins)
Karl A.D. Brown The Prepper Part One: The Collapse
eBooks (Karl A.D. Brown)

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