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Science Fiction Book Clubs

The Science Fiction Book Club (London, England)

We are reading all the works of HP Lovecraft for charity!! That's right we are risking our sanity and holding a LovecraftAthon between now and Nov 19th and you can join in... Simply click here to learn more.

The Science Fiction Book Club meets in central London on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month & is open to Men & Women who enjoy discussing the themes & issues found in Science Fiction Novels.

We read,meet & discuss character-led Sci-Fi novels for grown-ups at the more literate end of Science Fiction spectrum. Anything from Atwood to Zelazny that helps us become 'Well Read in SF'.

Our books are usually from the 60's onwards & can include anything from Alternate History,Cyberpunk,Dystopian Sci-Fi,Feminist Science Fiction,Literary Science Fiction,Modern novels with an SF slant,Mundane Science Fiction,New Wave Science Fiction,Post-Apocalyptic novels,Proto-Science Fiction classics,Scientific Romance,Short Story Collections,Space Opera or "Speculative Fiction".

All the info you would ever possibly need to know about us can be found on the following pages.

To celebrate our 1st birthday we were made Bookgroup of the month by Hurrah for us!


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2013-01-10 22:27:15 by the-sphynx

Plug in your city name or zip code, and then some keywords of things you are interested in, and join activity groups (that also attract at least some women) that you could enjoy no matter who is there. Don't pick "lonely singles" groups, either. Go for "science fiction book clubs" or yoga or beginning dance classes or clubs that enjoy going to restaurants and sampling new foods, so the emphasis is NOT on potential dates but on enjoyable activities.

Judging by your handle, you're 22.

2010-11-01 21:23:14 by the-sphynx

It'd be nice if awesome candidates with great personalities were readily available, but the fact is there aren't many at any age, and they do tend to get snapped up pretty quick. you're still quite young yet. be patient.
and search the places the right kinds of girls seem to gravitate to, if possible and practical. bear in mind, if you want, say, the kind of great geeky girls who hang out at comics conventions, they'll be vastly outnumbered by the geeky guys and have their pick if they're not already taken. maybe try science fiction book clubs instead to get a better ratio

I got a Dianectics book to sell ya....

2006-05-12 14:10:44 by whatyousaid

Ayn Rand was not the first to propound an ethics for the masses based on survival as a rational being. That honor goes to fellow novelist and cult leader L Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), the science-fiction writer who founded Dianetics and the Church of Scientology. Dianetics preceded NBI's start-up by eight years and the Objectivist ethics by 11 years. Dianetics groups formed on campuses during the 1950's, much as Ayn Rand clubs would in the 1960's. Many who flocked to Objectivism in the 1960's had previously had some contact with Dianetics or Scientology. Dianetics used reasoning somewhat similar to Rand's about the brain as a machine

Already done.

2003-02-26 18:10:17 by stuck

Yes, I have tried drama and arts classes before, on more than one occasion. The problem there is that
1. I don't have much interest in the arts
2. You pay $200 or whatever for a class, and then you're stuck with the same group of people with whom you may not have anything in common.
I'd look for free activities with large, changing audiences.
I could look again into book clubs. My interests in books (science, computers) attract very few women though. I have tried forcing myself to read the fiction stuff that women want, but since I'm just not into it, end up making faux paus comments that offend the women.

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