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Science fiction Book Awards

Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards
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Aurora Award
When the Canadian SF and Fantasy Association was started up in 1980 there was only one award given. Since 1991, awards have been presented in 10 categories. There are 6 professional awards (3 English and 3 French), 3 fan awards, and the artistic achievement award. The Aurora awards are closest to the style of the Hugo awards in the method by which they are selected. First, there is the nomination phase to select a short list. Then a voting phase to pick the winner from the short list using the Australian voting method (voters rank their choices in each category). The Prix Aurora Awards were initially called the Casper Awards, then renamed the Auroras in 1991.
British Science Fiction Awards
The BSFA Awards are presented annually by the British Science Fiction Association, based on a vote of BSFA members and -- in most recent years -- members of the British national SF convention (Eastercon). BSFA members can nominate as many works as they like in any category -- but an individual's nomination for a specific work will only be counted once.


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It was the first best seller in the

2012-07-01 15:16:19 by NewMsLoree

Post nuclear war / post apocalyptic genre. I believe it was published in 1958. It was also made into a movie in 1959 that was nominated for a couple of academy awards.
It was a best seller because it was well done... though by now some of the ideas are dated and there have been subsequent books in the same genre that are better.
It's comparable to Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank, though Alas, Babylon had a much smaller audience as it was marketed as science fiction while On the Beach was a mainstream book that was first serialized in a London weekly magazine called The Sunday Graphic in 1957.

Mark Whiteway Lodestone Book One: The Sea of Storms
eBooks (Mark Whiteway)

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