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Non Fiction science books

5 Nonfiction Science Books for Middle Grade Readers Video

with Susie Heimbach

Discover these nonfiction science books for middle grade readers so that you and your child can learn while practicing reading.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Nonfiction Science Books for Middle Grade Readers

Hi, my name is Susie Heimbach. I'm a children's librarian at the Mulberry Street branch of the New York Public Library, here for I'm here to share with you some great nonfiction science topics and book recommendations for middle grade readers.

Why Are Nonfiction Science Books Good for Middle Readers?

Nonfiction books are really important for middle grade readers because they are confident readers by this time and so they're really at a stage, in school particularly, where they are ready to start reading for information, reading to learn. I think that science is a natural appealing topic to most middle grade readers. These books are really exciting; there's a lot that they can learn from them. They can go, you know, beyond the reading experience.

Animals Up Close Is a Quirky Nonfiction Science Book for Middle Grade Readers

My first science book recommendation is one about animals. This is called Animals Up Close, by Igor Siwanowicz. And the thing that's cool about this book is it has these amazing photographic illustrations of animals up close, including this guy. He's called the Slender Loris, and it has all these interesting facts about him, including the fact that he cleans his ears with a specially adapted claw. That's called a toilet claw, because it's for grooming. So, all kinds of quirky details like that are in Animals Up Close.

Volcanoes Is an Illustrated Nonfiction Science Book for Middle Grade Readers

My next recommendation is the book Volcanoes, by Seymour Simon. Seymour Simon is a really well known and respected name in the world of non fiction books for kids. And what he's best known for is really amazing photographic illustrations of different topics. So, this one about volcanoes has really cool pictures and of course explains how volcanoes develop, how they predict when they're going to erupt, the devastation that they cause. So, that's Volcanoes by Seymour Simon.

Dino Wars Is a Well-Organized Nonfiction Science Book for Middle Grade Readers

My next book recommendation is Dino Wars. This book is by Jinny Johnson. There are so many great dinosaur books out there it was really hard to pick one. But, this is one of my favorites because it organizes the dinosaurs by the period in which they lived and then it pits them against one another. So, for example, here is a section about the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It gives you a little bit of information about this dinosaur and then it pits him against the Triceratops. You can see who would come out on top. So that's Dino Wars by Jinny Johnson.

Outside and Inside Mummies Is an Interactive Nonfiction Science Book for Middle Grade Readers

My next recommendation is Outside and Inside Mummies which is by Sandra Markle. This is from a series of non-fiction books, the Outside Inside Books. And they have really great photographs inside. This one is about mummies in particular. And the kind of work that scientists do in order to learn more about them. It's got lots of cool and creepy pictures. And another thing that I really like about is at the end it has instructions for how to make your own mummy using an apple. So that's Outside and Inside Mummies by Sandra Markle.


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