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Names of Science Fiction Books

Name your own price for six science-fiction and fantasy e-books | Marketplace Blog
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And if you pay more than the average, you'll get two bonus books. That's a lot of good reading material for cheap.

If you like reading, bundles, science fiction, fantasy, and/or supporting charity, today's your lucky day.

The folks at Humble Bundle, who regularly serve up indie games on the cheap, have created the Humble eBook Bundle, a collection of six sci-fi/fantasy e-books for whatever price you want to pay.

That means you can literally drop a penny to get half a dozen DRM-free novels. But you're not that cheap, right? Here's why you should give serious consideration to paying more:

Writers need to eat. I've often railed against e-book prices, but certainly a buck per book is more than reasonable -- especially considering that here you're supporting the authors directly.

And don't forget to add a bit extra for charity: a portion of your payment can be shared with Child's Play, or with the Electronic Frontier Foundation or the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (though that's hardly a charity, IMHO).

Finally, if you contribute more than average purchase price (currently $12.02), you'll unlock two additional books: John Scalzi's "Old Man's War" and the Neil Gaiman graphic novel "Signal to Noise" (which, interestingly, is making its e-book debut as part of this bundle).

Of all the books in this collection, I've read only "Old Man's War" -- and it's a gem. Loved every bit of it. So I definitely recommend paying at least enough to get it.

As for the others, click any thumbnail for a description and sample chapter. Most of them have at least four-star ratings on Amazon. By the way, if you purchased them separately there, they'd run you more than $50.

The books are provided in EPUB, PDF, and MOBI formats, so you can read them on pretty much any device you want.

The bundle will be available for about the next two weeks. As someone who loves to read, and especially loves e-books, I don't have to think twice about naming my own price. Done!


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I do have two books for you...

2009-06-23 23:11:36 by taruk2

That is, if you are literate enough to actually enjoy reading GOOD books, not bad ones or mediocre ones. By that I mean if you can discern quality in writing.
They are two of the rarest, most hard to find paperbacks in science fiction.
The authors names I don't remember...
But the titles are unmistakable.
If you can find these two books: get them, buy them, steal them, read them... and after you have read them: tell me what you think of them...
The title of the first book is:
"The King in Yellow"
The title of the second book is:
"The Purple Cloud"

Imperial Guard Publishing In Her Name First Contact
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