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Free eBooks Science Fiction - Adventure Books

Free eBooks Science Fiction

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Pushing a Snake Up a Hill

Check out this excerpt from Peter Watts' science fiction book, Starfish: 'A lot of it happened while he was sleeping. Every night they'd give him an injection, to help him learn, Scanlon said. Afterwards a machine beside his bed would feed him dreams. He could never exactly remember them but something must have stuck, because every morning he'd sit at the console with his tutor — a real person, though, not a program — and all the text and diagrams she showed him would be strangely familiar. Like he'd known it all years ago, and had just forgotten. Now he remembered everything: plate tectonics and subduction zones, Archimedes Principle, the thermal conductivity of two percent hydrox. Aldosterone. Alloplasty. He remembered his left lung after they cut it out ...'


Zapstone Productions Convergence -- Journey to Nyorfias Book 1
eBooks (Zapstone Productions)

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2009-11-09 23:10:48 by CookinButch

I've got something similar going on! "Cookbooks", and "other".
Well, ok, within the cookbooks shelving the books are arranged by cuisine, plus two other sections for general cooking reference and anthologies/autobiographies/memoirs/food politics.
They've overflowed into stacks on my floor nowadays, so I need to get another shelving unit.
"Other" would be mostly science fiction, lefty geopolitics, lefty queer and feminist stuff, Japanese and Spanish language texts, the odd design book from my past dot-commie life, and some old music books. The cookbooks outnumber all the rest.


2009-05-23 14:05:35 by veganhead

*A Turkey for Thanksgiving.
1995. Mr. Moose invited Mr. Turkey to dinner, not for dinner. Ages 4-8.
*The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond by Steve Charney
2007. Fruits and vegetables are introduced alphabetically with poems and
lots of facts. A wonderful book of poems and activities will appeal to children as they move through elementary school, exploring food and farming using the alphabet to establish their place in history, geography, art, literature, science, the kitchen, and let us not forget jokes and riddles! Ages 4-8
I'm adding some extra books- some have a feminist theme and some have an environmental theme:
Feminist theme:
*'Princess Smartypants' by Babette Cole
Here is a fairy story with a feminist slant! Princess...

Prometheus Books Feminist Philosophy And Science Fiction: Utopias And Dystopias
Book (Prometheus Books)
Where To Find FREE EBooks - …
Where To Find FREE EBooks - …
World War Z (FREE Ebook Download)‪
World War Z (FREE Ebook Download)‪
Wesleyan Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
Book (Wesleyan)
HarperOne Feminist Fairy Tales
Book (HarperOne)
University of Pennsylvania Press Science Fiction Culture
Book (University of Pennsylvania Press)

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