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Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read

Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever ReadS

When you finally sneak away from family gatherings this weekend, you're going to want some adult science fiction to take your mind off things.Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read That's why we've got the ultimate holiday counterprogramming for you: 10 kinky science fiction novels that you can hide in your book bag or e-book reader and enjoy late at night when the kids and parents are in bed.Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read

Kushiel's Dart, by Jacqueline Carey
The first novel in a trilogy about Phedre, a spy/courtesan whose two superpowers include learning languages really quickly and a preternatural ability to experience pain as intense sexual pleasure. You'd be surprised how many times erotic masochism comes in handy as Phedre and her fighting monk sidekick journey through an alternate history of the middle ages.Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read Can they stop an evil takeover of the sexually-liberated kingdom of Terre d'Ange? This is one of those rare books that is a good adventure mixed with really hot sex scenes.
Kinks: Sadomasochism.

The Witching Hour, by Anne Rice
The first and by far the best of Anne Rice's interminable Mayfair Witches series, The Witching Hour is the tale of a powerful, randy demon named Lasher who has attached his fate to a family of Louisiana witches. Full of the gothy, historical-crunchy goodness that made Rice a superstar before that whole Jesus thing, this novel is about Lasher's mega-hot dalliance with our main character (he's polymorphous and invisible - you do the math), as well as the history of his love affairs with her ancestors going back several generations. Witchy ladies and sexy ghosts in Louisiana? You can't say no.
Kinks: Mind-control sex, incest.

Returning Creation (from the High Couch of Silistria series), by Janet Morris.
If you like to see ladies brought low, and then raised up to be worshipped, and then brought low again, then the "High Couch of Silistra" series is for you. Set on a planet of psychically-gifted people who embrace sexual diversity and peace, the series is focused mainly on sexual slavery and war. Our heroine is a prostitute (a noble calling on her world) who holds the "high couch" of her town - basically, she's the sex duchess. Unfortunately she's always being kidnapped or taken to other worlds where she's tied up, forced to have degrading sex, and (of course) has lots of tearful, shame-faced orgasms. Silly and pulpy, the first novel in the series is basically a swashbuckler with kinky bondage thrown in between sword fights. Also, there is a giant flying cat.
Kinks: Sexual slavery, bondage.

Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read


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Anime Fans Who use the Term "Japanimation" - sorry I fall right here due to I still own some "Japanimation like Vampire hunter D and the Orignal Ghost in the SHell."
Role playing Gamers - Still Stuck in 2nd Ed and refuse to follow the wizards into the New ages.
Piers Xanthony fan - Yep own them all..

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