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50 Essential Science Fiction Books

This was a virtually impossible task. Put together a list of 50 must-read science fiction books and don’t make anyone angry. Science fiction is the most discussed and argued over genre in literature but it actually goes way beyond books and into film, TV, video games and even toys.

Here are the criteria we used. One book per author, so that was hard on the big three of science fiction – Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke, who each have multiple classic titles to their name. Attempt to show as many sub-genres of science fiction and plot themes as possible. Include early stories that influenced the genre as a whole and launched popular themes, even if those books appear a bit dated today.

We wanted to show the unbelievable breadth of this galactic-sized genre and, of course, we failed because this is just the tip of the spaceberg – there are probably 500 essential science fiction books, not 50.

The War of the Worlds is on the list, a famous example of invasion literature, but I could easily have used The Time Machine. For Ray Bradbury, there’s The Illustrated Man but I could have used Fahrenheit 451 or The Martian Chronicles.

You are spoiled for choice, this list includes novellas, short story collections, a graphic novel and books from published 1864 to 2011…

See our attempt at a best of science fiction shortlist….


Morgan Rice A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)
eBooks (Morgan Rice)

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Bin Laden Assassination is science fiction

2012-09-12 16:54:32 by bellyballs

The entire Bin Laden Assassination is science fiction being that Bin Laden died some where in 1999 and 2000...... OF NATURAL CAUSES.
All of these films and books, which alleged Navy Seals are writing, regarding this fraud event, is just that....A FRAUD! The system is telling a lie within a lie and trying to have a fake political debate over a reality that simply isn't real!
Notice that every Navy Seal is now a famed book author. Most Navy Seals are not only dumb as nails but they only join the Seals because they desire to moon light as stunt men around Hollywood. If anything the US Pentagon's Propaganda Dept is writing these fraud books, in order to carry on...

If she likes science fiction

2007-01-12 14:20:43 by Carnivora

Get her the latest Honor Harrington book in hardback - included is a CD with eBook versions of all of the books in the series, including the latest!

Great for hardcore scifi (who like extra science and militaria in their fiction) enthusiast.

I would also recommend a gift certificate to eReader, where she can download all manner of books, including new releases on a number of titles.

An iTunes gift card could be useful, too, especially as they're now carrying various TV series and just got over a hundred movies from Paramount studios.

2081 | based on Kurt Vonnegut's
Movie ()
Science Fiction Books for Teens - You …
Science Fiction Books for Teens - You …
Great New Science -Fiction Book Trailer
Great New Science -Fiction Book Trailer
Science Fiction Book Trailer - Into the Vast
Science Fiction Book Trailer - Into the Vast
Baen On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington)
Book (Baen)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Breakers (Book 1)
Book (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)

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