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FLOWCHART: Navigating NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

By T.N. Tobias | Tuesday, September 27th, 2011at 12:29 am

Over the summer, NPR solicited the input of its listeners to rank the top science fiction and fantasy books of all time. Over 60, 000 people voted for the top picks which were then compiled into a list by their panel of experts. The result? This list of 100 books with a wide range of styles, little context, and absolutely no pithy commentary to help readers actually choose something to read from it.

We at SF Signal have, once again, come to the rescue. This flowchart is designed to help you follow your tastes, provide context, and fulfill (indeed exceed!) any need for pithy commentary you might harbor.

Designer’s Note: This is the mightiest flowchart I have ever encountered let alone tried to develop. There are (obviously) 100 end points and over 325 decision points. A chart of this size presents a number of readability challenges. For people with lower resolution monitors, netbooks, or tablets, this 3800 x 2300 image is going to a scroll-fest. But it’s totally worth it.

Update 1: Those looking for a printable version of this flowchart will find happiness here. This is a 300 DPI bitmap version that should print nicely on 11×17 tabloid paper. Warning! The file is 26MB compressed and a whopping 173MB when unzipped.

Update 2: As Neil Gaiman so astutely pointed out, the novel Stardust, unlike the movie, contains no pirates. Turns out he’s an authority on the subject. This egregious error has been corrected and we’d love to appeal @neilhimself‘s ruling of this being not quite the greatest flowchart in human history.

Update 3: The flowchart goes interactive! Experience the flowchart in a whole new way!

Click to embiggen

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It was the first best seller in the

2012-07-01 15:16:19 by NewMsLoree

Post nuclear war / post apocalyptic genre. I believe it was published in 1958. It was also made into a movie in 1959 that was nominated for a couple of academy awards.
It was a best seller because it was well done... though by now some of the ideas are dated and there have been subsequent books in the same genre that are better.
It's comparable to Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank, though Alas, Babylon had a much smaller audience as it was marketed as science fiction while On the Beach was a mainstream book that was first serialized in a London weekly magazine called The Sunday Graphic in 1957.

It was the best of times or maybe not...

2009-11-05 00:59:14 by Shinetop

For last twenty something years - ever since I left school and its regime of mandatory reading requirements, which forced me into never turning a page - I have read, on average, one book per week.
I have read the classics from Dickens to Dostoyevsky - I have read Science Fiction from Heinlein to Lem and back to Wells. I read Marx, Hitler, Rand and Blyton. I read a book about a man who was a direct descendant of my children, yet committed genocide against my ancestors and who founded the first colony in the land I now call home.
Every year I put down my fifty second book and sort through my Christmas collection for my next read

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Glamour AudioBook - H. G. Wells : The War …
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my top 6 science fiction movies
my top 6 science fiction movies
HighBridge Company Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama
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Del Rey NPR Dramatization: Star Wars: Episode 6: Return of the Jedi
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Henry Holt and Co. I Thought My Father Was God: And Other True Tales from NPR's National Story Project
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