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Yeah... it's being used at a lot schools at the uni level. I found the book interesting, but very slanted in favor of aboriginals. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but there's tendency, perhaps a postmodern one, to slant modern historical works in favor of "oppressed aboriginals, " with a conscious effort to show them in a light that is almost aggrandizing.

This is a tendency that's more prevalent in historical ethnography than with scientific archaeology and, since my research of late takes me back and forth across these lines of study, I seem to notice it more.

It's been a while since I read the book (couple of years), but I recall the discussion about Monk's Mound of the Cahokia and the suggestion by Mann that it was part of an urban complex -at least that's the idea I got. Mann presented some of the archaeology then interpreted it in a way that was definitely possible. But it's important to be clear that this is an interpretation not a definitive history. Archaeologists used interpretations like this as hypotheses, testing them with follow up research by saying things like, "if X is true, then we should expect to see Y in the archaeological record, " and then go look at the archaeological record.

Don't get me wrong, at the very least, Mann has presented several hypotheses that can then be tested, giving future archaeologists something to work with, particularly given the popularity of the work. But I still submit that the book's popularity is, at least in part, due to it's bias toward the aboriginal which has a natural appeal to modern liberal arts scholarship.


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I went to the library yesterday and got 3 books

2009-05-20 14:58:15 by lake-effect

The first, on buying a first home. I posted earlier this month about how I was interested, but felt too poor to even consider it before now, but with interest rates so low, an $8k first home incentive from the gov't, and possibly lower prices than I can hope to see again, it feels like "now or never."
A book on space alien research that is supposed to be written in an entertaining way (rather than how so many non-fiction 'science' books were written for so many years:dry), but I'm not sure if I will get to this one.
And the book I've already started, by Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine fame

Oldy but goody

2008-06-17 13:52:17 by vals2cents

Gorillas in the Mist Diane Fossey
Pick up past issues of Best American Science Writing and Best American Science and Nature Writing to explore some different writers.
Barbara Kingsolver is a great naturalist writer Her non-fiction Animal Vegetable Miracle dicusses natural ecology. And her fiction explores these sames ideas.
Oliver Sacks - anything by him is wonderful.
Gretel Ehrlich - a naturalist - her latest books explore the effects that global warming has on the indigenous cultures at the north pole.

That's a hard question

2010-08-31 08:20:20 by Sharazade

The second one, I mean. I'm not really sure! I think the anthologies sell best, but individual writers don't make much off of those--though they do get their names out there, which helps sell their own books.
I think most of the erotica writers I know make their living off a combination of things. For me, it's a combination of writing & editing (mostly non-fiction), and the erotica is more for fun. Others write erotica but also romance, science fiction, etc.
Erotica as a genre sells pretty well. Book sales in general are falling (and are lower in a recession, of course)

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