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WW2 Historical fiction Books - Adventure Books

WW2 Historical fiction Books

Christian Historical Fiction - WWII: Anyone know of any World War 2 historical fiction (showing 1-25 of 25)
Gracianna by Trini Amador is the Story of a Woman s Strength

The Katyn Order: A Novel

"The German War Machine is in retreat as the Russians advance. In Warsaw, Resistance fighters rise up against the Nazi occupiers, but the Germans retaliate ruthlessly, leveling this once-beautiful city."

THE KATYN ORDER is an award-winning historical novel set in WW2. Natalia, a young Polish freedom fighter and Adam, an American covert agent, meet during the chaos of the Warsaw Rising. Together they uncover a secret about one of history's most notorious war crimes which will lead them on a journey more dangerous than anything they could imagine.

The Library Journal said, "Compelling authenticity and evocative detail will captivate history buffs and thriller fans alike."

Booklist said, "A riveting tale, a galvanizing mix of war novel and espionage thrtiller. Don't miss this one!"


Signet Fall of Giants: Book One of the Century Trilogy
Book (Signet)

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Here is a perfect example of

2009-03-03 16:33:56 by taruk2

8 yr-old idiots who can't read
taking over a forum
Hoping that you will read an unbiaes author?
How will you know?
So if a book on history is biased: it is not true history at all?
How many other idiots are there like you on this forum?
Tell you what: if you can find an unbiased book about history: I will give you 800 billion dollars, okay?
I hate to break this to you, but all books that are about history are biased.
By you logic then..

NAL Trade Winter of the World: Book Two of the Century Trilogy
Book (NAL Trade)
Historical Fiction Project - G3B
Historical Fiction Project - G3B
"The Partisan" Historical Fiction …
"The Partisan" Historical Fiction …
The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Parsifal (A World War 2 Thriller)
eBooks ()
Ulverton books Finding Rebecca: A Novel of Love and the Holocaust
eBooks (Ulverton books)
Revell Chasing Mona Lisa: A Novel
Book (Revell)

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