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Historical fiction picture books

Picture historical
Heather Newman Illustrations: Creating Reluctant Readers and

Adler, David A. The Babe & I. [OLDER] E Adler
While helping his family make ends meet during the Depression by selling newspapers, a boy meets Babe Ruth.

Adler, David A. Mama Played Baseball. [OLDER] E Adler
Young Amy helps her mother to get a job as a player in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League while Amy's father is serving in the army during World War II.

Altman, Linda Jacobs. Amelia's Road. [OLDER] E Altman
Tired of moving around so much, Amelia, the daughter of migrant farm workers, dreams of a stable home.

Atkins, Jeannine. Anne Hutchinson's Way. [OLDER] E Atkins
A fictionalized episode from the life of Anne Hutchinson, who arrived with her family in Massachusetts in 1634, but was soon banished for holding religious meetings and teaching ideas with which Puritan ministers disagreed.

Avi. Silent Movie. [OLDER] E Avi
In the early years of the twentieth century, a Swedish family encounters separation and other hardships upon immigrating to New York City until the son is cast in a silent movie, in a picture book that evokes an actual silent movie

Bartone, Elisa. American Too.[OLDER] E Bartone
Story of how one young girl's imagination made her American dream come true.

Bildner, Phil. The Hallelujah Flight. [OLDER] E Bildner
In 1932, James Banning, along with his co-pilot Thomas Allen, make history by becoming the first African Americans to fly across the United States, relying on the generosity of people they meet in the towns along the way who help keep their "flying jalopy" going.

Birtha, Becky. Lucky Beans. [OLDER] E Birtha
During the Great Depression, Marshall, an African American boy, uses lessons learned in arithmetic class and guidance from his mother to figure out how many beans are in a jar in order to win her a new sewing machine in a contest.

Blaisdell, Molly. Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs : A Story About Rembrandt van Rijn. [OLDER] E Blaisdell
This picture book accurately portrays the story of Titus, Rembrandt van RijnÆs son who longed to paint like his father, and the struggle he had to get his father to notice his work when he was a young boy

Borden, Louise. Across the blue Pacific : a World War II story. [OLDER] E Borden
A woman reminisces about her neighbor's son who was the object of a letter writing campaign by some fourth-graders when he went away to war in 1943.

Castrovilla, Selene. By the Sword. J 973.332 C (Non fiction picture book)
Follows Benjamin Tallmadge's participation in the U.S. revolutionary war.

Deedy, Carmen Agra. The Yellow Star : The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark.[OLDER] E Deedy
Retells the story of King Christian X and the Danish resistance to the Nazis during World War II

Edwards, Pamela Duncan. Barefoot : Escape on the Underground Railroad.[OLDER] E Edwards
In the forest, a group of animals help a runaway slave escape his pursuers.

Fletcher, Susan. Dadblamed Union Army cow. [OLDER] E Fletcher
During the Civil War, a devoted cow follows her owner when he joins the Union Army and, despite all his efforts to send her home, stays with him and his regiment until the end of the war. Based on a true story.


Farrar, Straus and Giroux Going North (Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Awards (Awards))
Book (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

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Most historical documents are myths

2010-07-31 20:46:26 by Joe_Dubious

And legends and bull shit stories, not 'history books'
even in the case of actual an history book from the past, we don't take them as being necessarily accurate , we try to get a picture of the past using archaeological data as well as other 'historical documents' from the past that may discuss that period. These 'historical documents' could be old stories and legends that had been written down and are useful to us in determining what happened in the past.
For instance Julius Cesar wrote a his own history of the civil war , it's a 'historical document' but we don't take that as being the gospel truth even though it pretends to be , we could look at works of fiction form the time period to see if contemporary stores corroborate his version of the past
the bible is...

Put yourself in different situations

2006-06-06 18:03:23 by girlgrey

In terms of the finding yourself, I recommend going to a bookstore and browsing around for hours. Look at stuff you don't even find immediately appealing. Otherwise, see where you gravitate.
Are you more drawn to the colors/designs of the books, or the topics? picture books or text? Subject matter - artsy or historical? fiction or non-fiction? Go to one of those magazine places with a jillion magazines. Open up Time Out or an equivalent and see what's up for the weekend. I think it's just a matter of putting yourself out there. There is no wrong answer.
In terms of not being able to decide a stance/opinion, try to commit to ideas for the hell of it

MANY are the books written questioning the

2010-01-30 09:31:08 by Fruitageofspirit

Authenticity and genuineness of the things recorded in the Bible. A special target of doubting critics is the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. What are we to believe? Did Jesus actually live? Is the picture of him as presented in the Gospels authentic?
Many critics are of much the same opinion as that expressed by the late Albert Schweitzer. According to him, the kind of Jesus presented in the Gospels, one who claimed to be the Messiah, preached the kingdom of God and died to give his work its final consecration, is “a literary fiction of the earliest Evangelists.” Schweitzer would have us believe that Jesus was a religious fanatic preaching the imminent destruction of the universe and that there is no knowing him as a “concrete historical personality

New Novelists Support Group, Citrus Heights

2005-12-01 05:10:54 by SunriseNovelists

Sunrise Novelists is a support and critique group for serious novelists seeking professional, mainstream publication. Open to literary, genre (mystery, historical, chick lit, etc.) or young adult novelists. Participants must be writing regularly, and with the goal of getting an agent or selling work to professional publishers.
Novelists only, please. No poetry, plays, screenplays, pornography, cartoons, comic books, game development, non-fiction, memoirs, journals, fanfiction, children's picture books, cook books, greeting card verses, commercial jingles, Cracker Jack® riddles or cookie fortunes

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Scholastic Paperbacks I Survived #1: I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912
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Bethany House Publishers Candle in the Darkness (Refiner's Fire, Book 1)
Book (Bethany House Publishers)
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