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Category Brief Description: Genres in children's and Young Adult Literature
Picture Books Interdependence of art and text. Story of Concept presented through combination of text and illustration. Classification based on format, not genre. All genres appear in picture books.
Poetry & Verse Condensed language, imagery. Distilled, rhythmic expression of imaginative thoughts and perceptions.
Folklore Literary heritage of humankind. Traditional stories, myths, legends, nursery rhymes, and songs from the past. Oral tradition; no known author.
Fantasy Imaginative worlds, make-believe. Stories set in places that do not exist, about people and creatures that could not exist, or events that could not happen.
Science Fiction Based on extending physical laws and scientific principles to their logical outcomes. Stories about what might occur in the future.
Realistic Fiction "What if" stories, illusion of reality. Events could happen in real world, characters seem real; contemporary setting.
Historical Fiction Set in the past, could have happened. Story reconstructs events of past age, things that could have or did occur.
Biography Plot and theme based on person's life. An account of a person's life, or part of a life history; letters, memoirs, diaries, journals, autobiographies.


Facts about the real world. Informational books that explain a subject or concept.

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I have a neighbor and a good friend here who

2011-08-03 06:19:55 by FriendofFargo

Has spent 5 years writing a novel of historical fiction - it's on amazon for kindle since she couldn't find a publisher
I read the first half and didn't like it at all (she's had success as a writer of children's books and this reads like young adult fiction). I'm also not a big fan of historical fiction in general
She's quite annoyed with me that i don't like it and she has asked me to write a rave review for amazon which i refused to do since I don't lie.
I figure that my being honest with her is actually doing her honor but it is interesting how much people would prefer to be lied to.

New Novelists Support Group, Citrus Heights

2005-12-01 05:10:54 by SunriseNovelists

Sunrise Novelists is a support and critique group for serious novelists seeking professional, mainstream publication. Open to literary, genre (mystery, historical, chick lit, etc.) or young adult novelists. Participants must be writing regularly, and with the goal of getting an agent or selling work to professional publishers.
Novelists only, please. No poetry, plays, screenplays, pornography, cartoons, comic books, game development, non-fiction, memoirs, journals, fanfiction, children's picture books, cook books, greeting card verses, commercial jingles, Cracker Jack® riddles or cookie fortunes

Oh a few others!

2003-12-28 23:00:27 by teatime

There's one called Nellie Bly about the woman reporter...not really fiction (just as Little House isn't really historical fiction...more autobiography)...but it's short and interesting. All of a Kind Family may count as historical fiction, it really isn't about a war or a great historical event, but it is a very excellent view of life 1in NYC in the early century...great series of books! It's not historical fiction, but a true story, but for general reading, the book One Thousand Paper Cranes; The Story of Sadako and the Children's Peace Statue is a great one.
Oh, another: Snow Treasure (WWII---about kids who save gold from Nazi discovery for Norway)
The House of Sixty Fathers is a good one

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