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Fire it up for friendship, fun, adventure, mystery, and courage that fill the pages of C.A. Hartnell's four-book series, The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann. Readers eight and up will be thrilled and encouraged by these fast-paced, historical fiction chapter books that are informative, entertaining, and exciting. Scary Spring, Sinister Summer, Ferocious Fall, and Wild Winter beckon readers to escape into the history of the 1950's. The main characters, Pete, Carol Ann, and a beagle hound, listen to the teens next door as they hop up their hot rods while rock ‘n' roll tunes swirl throughout their El Monte, California, neighborhood. Words like "cool, " "boss, " "Dan's Diner, " "Route 66, " "drive-in theater, " and "let's split this scene" flow freely.

Historical fiction chapter books take readers back into the past through fun and creative ways to learn about history using facts woven within a fictional story. Engaging characters, both real and fictional, lead the way through action-packed adventures of daring and courage. Like all great stories, each of Hartnell's historical fiction books contains a beginning, middle, and satisfying end. Using suspense, actual events, and historical accuracy, Hartnell transports readers back in time to an exciting era when teens cruised in hot rods along Route 66 and kids waited for the tinkling tunes of the Good Humor man's ice cream truck while watching out for "bad news" bullies.

Take a blast to the past with cool, all-American kids, Pete and Carol Ann, as they race "flat out" through the scary, sinister, ferocious, and wild year of 1955. Hartnell's main characters deal with the scary threat of polio, a crime-filled summer of close calls, bullies who act like wild weather, and crooks that steal and destroy. Pete and Carol Ann discover that courage, peace, power, and joy as well as friendship, family, and faith are important allies in their 1950s world.

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I'm reorganizing my classroom library

2006-08-16 13:19:37 by philateacher

Hi Everyone,
I'm reorganizing my classroom library (6th grade), so I have an idea of what types of books I have enough of and what kinds I should keep an eye out for.
I would like to color code the chapter books and place them in baskets in my library. I have 8 colors and have thought of these categories (excluding reference books, which will have a shelf of their own):
1. biographies
2. science fiction
3. fantasy fiction
4. realistic fiction
5. historical fiction
6. non-fiction
7. mysteries
8. poetry
am i missing any big categories? should i combine any of the categories? does anyone else have a better way to sort their books that worked for their class?
again, it's a 6th grade classroom.

An excellent review of said book

2002-02-21 12:37:29 by inside_here

Not Out of Africa
How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History
by Mary Lefkowitz
How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History
by Mary Lefkowitz
New York: Basic Books, 1996
This is a book for teachers and scholars, written by a professor of classics at Wellesley College. I wish there were no need for such a book. It is to our national shame both that Afrocentrism has been allowed to flourish inside our schools, but outside the boundaries of the traditional standards of empirical research, and that there has been a need for Afrocentrism to develop in the first place

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