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The Year's Best Historical Fiction : NPR
Historical Fiction1 Nishant Choksi

Long dismissed as genre fiction, the historical novel has now established itself in the literary mainstream, thanks in part to heavyweight authors like two-time Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel. For me, more than any other medium, historical fiction brings the past to life and makes it matter.

The best historical fiction does more than conjure up an exotic backdrop for a conventional storyline. To truly evoke the past, the characters' sensibilities and entire worldview must mirror the historical setting. Historical fiction should also challenge our preconceptions and reveal facets of history we never thought about before — what was it like to be a Bengali opium merchant in 19th century Canton, or a female physician in Renaissance Venice?

And, like all great literature, the best historical fiction must have something meaningful to say, some insight that is ultimately timeless. These six novels meet that test, helping show us how the past has shaped the world we live in today.

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A few titles

2005-08-04 19:41:33 by exstudentteacher

I've read Gary Pulsen's books NightJohn (it has a low reading level, but the subject matter is intense) and Soldier's Heart, which are both historical fiction and excellent reads with 7th graders. He's a great author, especially for boys of that age group.
Lois Lowry's books Gathering Blue and The Giver are also excellent.

I thought a wander jew was a plant

2003-08-12 13:05:20 by guano

There's a series of books about that famous Centurion...a series of historical fiction books about this immortal mercenary who has all kinds of badazz adventures until jesus comes back. Jesus cursed him with immortality until they meet again...this accourding to the back cover of said paper back. You can find these books in the same section you find Mack Boland titles.

Alternative view of THE NATION

2004-09-16 15:54:22 by Alternative

The January 6, 2000 issue of The Nation is a special, century ending look back at the last 100 years that the magazine titles "Alternative History." Historical fiction would be a better label.
In an introduction to the issue, contributing editor and historian Eric Foner gets things started off on the right foot. Foner bemoans the fact that The Nation's first editor, E.L. Godkin, while being an abolitionist was also a racist -- a not uncommon combination for the time. But what of The Nation editor's who pretended Stalin's show trials were legitimate or who allowed the magazine to defend the Nazi-Soviet pact of the late 1930s? They don't receive a single sentence

Bieber Puts Bible Publishers to Work-

2011-09-19 05:35:31 by beth_m

U.S. religious publishers reap rewards with Justin Bieber and the Bible
Religious publishers in the United States are busy these days, releasing such new books as a biography of pop music phenom and devout Christian Justin Bieber — entitled “Belieber!: Fame, Faith and The Heart of Justin Bieber.” Other tomes mix spirituality with memoir and self-help topics. New editions of the Bible have also been released recently, as well as e-books and audio book downloads by popular religious authors.
“Both in dollars and units sold, the industry is back in line with its historical growth of the last decade,” since the recession, said Byron Williamson, head of Worthy Publishing in Nashville, a center for religious publishing in the United States that some say is second only to New York...

Signet Fall of Giants: Book One of the Century Trilogy
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Puffin Blood on the River: James Town, 1607
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William Morrow Paperbacks Orphan Train: A Novel
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