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Tuesday, January 11, 2011 2:17 pm
Historical Fiction Rules the Newbery

newbery Maybe it’s because I’ve started serving on the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction committee, but all of the sudden I’ve noticed renewed interest in children’s historical fiction. As a big HF fan, it’s neat to see this uptick reflected in four of the five 2011 Newbery picks. (Interestingly, the fifth title happens to be a poetry picture book, Joyce Sidman’s Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night.) And all five books were starred in Booklist—it’s nice that we were on the same page as the committee.

The Newbery Medal was awarded to Moon over Manifest, by Clare Vanderpool, a dark horse novel by a debut author. Set in Depression-era Missouri, this multilayered story exploring identity and secrets weaves together 12-year-old Abilene’s first-person narrative with newspaper stories and tales told by a local diviner.

Jennifer L. Holm’s Turtle in Paradise is also set in the Depression and also features a girl who is forced by economic circumstances to move to a new locale, in this case, Key West, Florida. As the Booklist review says, “The plot is a hilarious blend of family dramas seasoned with a dollop of adventure.”

Margi Preus’ Heart of a Samurai was one of my 2010 favorites. Based on the true story of a nineteenth-century Japanese boy who was shipwrecked, rescued, and eventually helped open his isolationist country to the West, it is excellently researched and splendidly told.

Last but definitely not least is Rita Williams-Garcia’s One Crazy Summer, which also won the Coretta Scott King Author Award. This 1968 story about a girl’s experience with her estranged, Black Panthers–affiliated mother was also our pick for the Scott O’Dell Award, so I’m partial.

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I read all the time

2009-04-28 17:12:16 by spring13

Lots of historical fiction and chick lit. and sitting in an elementary school library, a lot of kids' books!
i have an actual history book out of the library called A History of the World in Six Glasses, i've been wanting to read it for ages.
religion-wise, i'm always in the middle of something, and i read a lot of articles online.

Like mysteries?

2003-06-19 20:05:18 by Eslen

There's a new mystery/thriller just now in bookstores that involves Arthur Conan Doyle hiring an American reporter to investigate a spiritualist plot in post-World War I London. Graves Gate has been given terrific reviews by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly, with more reviews to follow. If you like mysteries or historical pieces, check it out! Graves Gate by Dennis Burges, published by Carroll and Graff (a subdivision of Avalon). Available in Barnes and Noble (in the fiction section) and online at Amazon and similar proprietors. It's a great book, which I can say despite a somewhat biased connection to the author

Reposting from last night

2007-03-04 11:37:35 by FireRose77

Its actualy a fairly common fantasy :)
I'd say its a kidnap D/S romance
If you're looking to read fiction with similar themes
there's - they have everything from really rough stories to some farily romantic ones - they are free.
and then there are a crapload of romantic erotica publishers (including plenty of kidnap fantasies - both gentle and rough ones)
a lot of them sell their e-books on
then, there's always the library :) yes, you can find erotica, including kidnap fantasies at the library

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