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Historical fiction book Project - Adventure Books

Historical fiction book Project

Book Projects

Monthly Book Projects

Each month students are assigned a book project in a particular genre (type of book). Students will bring home a Book Project Contract at the beginning of the month, but you can also check here for detailed directions and due dates.

Students choose their book project book at the first or second library visit of each month and have the remainder of the month to read the book and complete the project.

In the middle of each month, students will receive a detailed rubric for each book project choice detailing how to earn 4 out of 4 points in each grading category. There are usually 4 or 5 grading categories for each book project. The rubric details exactly what the student needs to do to earn high grades for his or her book project. A high degree of effort and creativity is expected.

Book projects are due on the last Tuesday of each month.

September: Adventure

Adventure books can be realistic fiction, or they can be non-fiction. Realistic fiction is a story made up by the author. These kind of stories have realistic, believable settings; characters similar to people you might know; believable problems, goals, or conflicts; a plot that might not end happily but is realistic; and will tell an exciting story. Non-fiction adventure stories will tell about a real adventure that actually happened to someone, either the author or someone he or she knows.

The librarian and your teacher will help yo find an exciting adventure book. You will be given time at school to read your book, but you will have to read at home, too.

Once you finish your book, choose one of these projects:

1. Write a letter to a friend telling about the book.
2. Make a shadow box for your book out of a shoebox - show your favorite scene.
3. Make a picture to show the most exciting scene from the book. Write a paragraph at the bottom telling why you made this picture.

Bring your completed book project to school on Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

October: Mystery

This month's book project assignment will be to read a mystery and complete one of the project choices listed below.

Mysteries are usually realistic fiction. Realistic fiction is a story made up by the author. These kinds of stores have realistic, believable settings; characters similar to people you might know; believable problems, goals, or conflicts; a plot that might not end happily but is realistic; and will tell about characters trying to solve a mystery.

The librarian and your teacher will help you choose a book. You will have class time to read, but you will also need to read at home.

1. Write a different ending for your book. It needs to be one or more pages long and will be scored on grammar and spelling.
2. Made models of the characters out of clay. Put them on display with the title of the book and a brief description of each character.
3. Design a new book jacket for your book. Make it so exciting that others will want to read the book.


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What got me interested in history

2008-09-25 08:04:44 by Ottawan

No one thing, but a combination. One important thing is books. I am a voracious reader with one of my favourite genres being historical fiction. It's fun to read a book and try to figure what was real and where the author took literary licence for his story. Some are extremely accurate, like McCullogh's books on Rome, or Bernard Cornwell's novels on the Napoleonic wars (Sharpe's Rifles et al, and his books on the Civil War.
Some books, and especially movies, play fast and loose with historical fact. I did a project once on finding the errors in the movie Spartacus. It was a good movie, but lousy history

Book Recommendations

2005-02-27 11:42:25 by concerned23

Here are a few that can present information some of the topics touched on in the documentary:
First of all, John Hope Franklin is a wonderful historian who has written many books on various aspects of slavery, reconstruction and African-American experiences in the 19th century. Do a search for his work and I'm sure you'll find many books that would give you a deeper understanding.
Words from those who Lived the events:
The Bondwoman's Narrative by Hannah Crafts -- this is a 19th century fiction manuscript that was recently discovered by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who researched the events in it and has revealed it as only slightly fictionalized true history of the woman who wrote it

U.S. Editor Will Evaluate Your Work

2008-11-12 18:55:38 by CREDITTHEEDIT

Hi All,
Edward It (but you can call him 'Ed') is offering his annual, end of year opportunity to have one of the U.S.A.'s most engaging book editors evaluate your project. THERE IS NO CHARGE.
Once a year, Ed reaches out to the world of new authors to help assess their works and the opportunity for attracting agents and or houses.
If you would like Ed to take a look at your project, please send a one (1) page Synopsis and less than 80 word Logline to: YOU DO NOT NEED PRIOR PUBLICATION. Your Subject Line should read: "Ed, what do you think?" and you should include a working email address so that he can respond to you in a timely fashion

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