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List of the most famous, notable, or top historical fiction books and novels, with jacket cover images. This list is a perfect starting point for your historical fiction reading list, and should answer the question "What are the top historical fiction books?". Note that some items on this list might be currently out of print. You can purchase most of these titles on Amazon with just one click. List is alphabetical and you can sort by any column. List is made up of many different items, including Fields of home and Den Haag. You're able to copy this factual list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your opinions, then publish it to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks you use regularly.

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I thought a wander jew was a plant

2003-08-12 13:05:20 by guano

There's a series of books about that famous Centurion...a series of historical fiction books about this immortal mercenary who has all kinds of badazz adventures until jesus comes back. Jesus cursed him with immortality until they meet again...this accourding to the back cover of said paper back. You can find these books in the same section you find Mack Boland titles.


2009-09-30 14:26:56 by drdove

Phlegon, of Tralles in Asia Minor, Greek writer and freedman of the emperor Hadrian, lived in the 2nd century.
His chief work was the Olympiads, an historical compendium in sixteen books, from the 1st down to the 229th Olympiad (776 BC to AD 137), of which several chapters are preserved in Eusebius' Chronicle, Photius and Syncellus.
Damis was a student and lifelong companion of Apollonius of Tyana, the famous Neopythagorean philosopher and teacher who lived in the early first up to the early second centuries CE.
All that we know about Damis comes from Apollonius' biographer Philostratus who wrote his Life of Apollonius of Tyana between 217 and 238

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