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American Historical Fiction books - Adventure Books

American Historical Fiction books

Booklists - American Historical Fiction
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Relive U.S. history through story. These recent books are just a few of the many wonderful novels set in our country’s past.

Biographical Fiction

Douglass’ Women

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Frederick Douglass, Anna Douglass, Ottilie Assing

Locating additional library materials in the Library Catalog:

Not all fiction records in the Library Catalog include subject or setting information, but you can find some additional historical novels with a keyword subject search. Type the place name you are looking for and add the words “history” and “fiction” to the search request. Staff can help you find more using other print and online sources.

Need more suggestions? Email the Popular Library or contact your local branch and our staff will be happy to assist you.


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Book TV: Steven Rinella "American Buffalo"

There are a lot of historical fiction books for

2008-12-21 16:44:22 by grey-athome-mom

Girls. Ten might be a good time for Island of the Blue Dolphins if she is fairly mature. There are series that the American dolls books were copied from...
The Clues books are really popular this year.

Looking for science or historic book suggestions

2005-12-01 14:41:03 by JACJ

My daughter is at about a 7th grade reading level and is interested in books that have science themes (we just read A Wrinkle in Time, talks about atoms and 2-dimensional worlds, etc) and books that are sort of historical fiction (she loved Ben and Me about a mouse who was friends with Ben Franklin, but hates the American Girl books, they tend to be too fluffy.)
She especially likes adventures!
Any suggestions out there?

I have a book called, "All through the Ages"

2008-02-16 21:29:39 by -

Written by: Christine Miller and published by Nothing New Press
You could really benefit from this one!
It's a curriculum GUIDE - it list books that are biography, historical fiction and cultural as well as giving an overview of an era in time and specific events - and they are listed by grade levels!
Here are some of the historical fiction from the american revolution era, grade level 4-6
Little Maid of Maryland by Alice Turner Curtis (This is a series)
Minute Boys by Edward Stratemeyer (also a se

A book by Bob Miller, American s most …
A book by Bob Miller, American's most …

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