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Work with David Wood

Want To Work With David Directly?
June | 2013 | David Wood s MLM Marketing Prosperity Blog

I Command You To Join.

Really… Just Do It.

This is the simple truth:

For the last 3 years, as of writing this page (December 18th, 2012) I’ve had one message:

Get 2 customers a day, and follow the 8 core steps of a leader – and be consistent with that, until you got the results that you want.

My message:

1. Is always consistent.

2. Is proven to work.

3. Duplicates without home meetings.

4. Grows like crazy without phone calls.

5. Doesn’t require a lot of money.

6. Has worked BETTER every day for 3 years straight.

7. Can help you live free – on the beaches of the world, like I do.

8. Let’s you cuss, swear, rant, rave – and be ‘politically incorrect’ if you want to.

9. Is 100% badass.

10. You can get started for $25.

I’ll see you on the beaches of the world.

-David Wood
“The Magic Man”


Melbourne Macmillan & Co. in association with Melbourne University Press The peopling of Australia; written by the following: Professor W. E. Agar, F. R. S., Henry Barkley [and others] edited by P. D. Phillips and G. L. Wood, with a foreword by Hon. J. G. Latham
Book (Melbourne Macmillan & Co. in association with Melbourne University Press)

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Three cheers for Wood's Hole Oceanagraphic

2007-12-07 06:41:47 by plenipotentiary

Institutue. They had the good sense to fire a creationist motherfucker who signed on to work on a funded study to investigate evolution. At least someone out there still has good sense and the balls to back it up. Of course now he is suing.
Biologist fired for beliefs, suit says
Woods Hole states creationist stance at odds with work
Globe Staff / December 7, 2007
The battle between science and creationism has reached the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where a former researcher is claiming he was fired because he doesn't believe in evolution

David Smith did a lot of work in stainless

2006-04-09 16:03:48 by kunstler45

I've helped move a few of those pieces from the Cubi series k45
Duane Hanson
Janitor, 1973.
Polyester, fiberglass and mixed media.
Milwaukee Art Museum, Gift of Friends of Art.
© Estate of Duane Hanson/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Small, Medium & Large Scale Masterworks

2005-08-21 22:28:55 by kunstler45

Whatever you want to do...
Michelangelo Buonarotti - Large Scale Masterwork
The chapel is rectangular in shape and measures 40.93 meters long by 13.41 meters wide
"Gigantic marble, started in 1501 and completed in 1504
Michelangelo began work on the colossal figure of David in 1501, and by 1504 the sculpture (standing at 4.34m/14 ft 3 in tall) was in place outside the Palazzo Vecchio" Webmuseum, Paris

Woodshop cam veneer work .AVI
Woodshop cam veneer work .AVI
MLM Marketing Secrets David Wood And …
MLM Marketing Secrets David Wood And …
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Who is David Wood? The True Story of …

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