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Torture Garden is the worlds largest Fetish / Body Art Club. Events Attract 800 - 2600+ people monthly to various London venues.

TG is also a top Latex Fetish Fashion Label and a Production / Performance Agency.


Alan Pelling and David Wood formed Torture Garden as a Fetish Club in Oct 1990.

Alan's background was as an alternative club promoter & DJ ­ new to London, and David's was a conceptual art & film graduate who had been going to fetish clubs since 1984. Together they were bored with the existing retro alternative clubs and suburban style fetish clubs. They wanted to create a new kind of radical alternative fetish club that combined diverse & progressive music, multiple environments, fashion, performance, visuals, installations, market area and more.

100 people came to the first event at the Opera On The Green venue in a shopping precinct in Shepherds Bush on a Thursday night, but by the 5th there were 500 and it was rammed! By this time TG had developed it's own unique crowd that combined the Alternative post Goth / Industrial, hard-core SM, Fetish Fashion and Gay & Straight scenes, with the totally new Body Art / Piercing scenes.

Early shows included body ritual by Thee Temple ov Psychic Youth, experimental percussion by Zev, music by Death In June & Boyd Rice and performance by Archaos Circus. There was no other club in the world like it!


Torture Garden was named after the turn of the century novel by Octave Mirbeau, which was set in a Chinese Garden of Torture. We chose it more because of the exotic and mysterious images that it evoked, rather than the specific novel itself.

From the beginning we often shortened Torture Garden to TG, because it was shorter and didn't scare the Bank manager! But it was also a reference to an earlier TG - Throbbing Gristle ­ the seminal industrial experimentalists and founders of Psychic TV, Temple Ov Psychic Youth, Coil, Chris n Cosey etc.

TG's circle logo was literally inspired by the back of a lorry! Keep an eye out in France?


Following the Opera on the Green, TG found new long-term homes at legendary industrial factory ­ The Electrowerkz and the 4 floor Paradise Club (later changed to Complex) before celebrating it's 4th Birthday at super club ­ Ministry of Sound. As the crowd grew from 700 to 1200+ this was TG's most innovative and original period as there was an explosion of talent and creativity. Fetish was now fashionable to the mainstream, and it never looked back. Other important TG venues included the Leisure Lounge before it found it's most long term home at Mass from the late 90's until the present. In 2002 & 2003 TG celebrated its Birthday event with 2500 people at London's biggest club venue - Brixton Academy, and since then has sold out SeOne to 2600 and established it's Birthday Ball as a international weekender of 4 parties in 3 days!

Source: www.torturegarden.com

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