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David Wood Lubbock Texas - Adventure Books

David Wood Lubbock Texas

Interview: Convicted Serial Killer David L. Wood Claims Innocence - Yahoo Voices
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Back in 1987, several young women between the ages of 14 through 24 were missing from El Paso Texas. The police and officials in El Paso were baffled as to who the killer was, but they felt they were dealing with a serial killer. Bodies of six women were soon found in shallow graves in the desert in El Paso, and the murders became known as The Northeast Desert Murders.

David L. Wood wrote to me and sent paper work about his case. Here is his story, about his case, followed by my interview with David. He alleges that in January of 1987 he was paroled to El Paso from a prison term of 2-20 years for a sexual offense. He says he was picked up by police 4 times in a 3 month period and accused of crimes he didn't commit.

David alleges that when the young women began disappearing he became a prime suspect when one of the missing women, Cheryl Vasquez was said to have been seen with David last, but later reports show Vasquez was at a party after she was seen with Wood. Vasquez was never found. Wood claims because of the high media attention this case was receiving he was under constance surveillance. He was routinely questioned and photographed, including photos of his tattoos. Wood says he cooperated with police and that his truck was broken into and clothes belonging to him were taken, but nothing else. Wood claims he was constantly harassed by police at that time.

David claims that on September 4, 1987, two of the missing girls bodies were found, Maria Casio, and Karen Baker. The following month another search located the bodies of Dawn Smith and Desiree Wheatly. The following month an even larger search of the area produced the body of Angie Frausto.Wood claims the last search "was massive in size" with over 350 people helping out and with search dogs from the police department and Texas's prison system, resulting in no finds. He alleges that police made this fact clear on the news that "there were no more bodies."

Wood alleges that only three days after the last girl was found he was arrested on October 23, 1987, on unrelated charges. He claims he wasn't aware of what he was being arrested for, for almost sixteen hours. He claims he soon found out he was being arrested for 2 warrants which Woods called holdout warrants that police had on him for 2 months. He says the first was for aggravated sexual assault of a women named Judith Brown Kelling. Wood alleges that Kelling was a prostitute with a heroin habit, and a self admitted police informant with a long arrest history.

Wood claims that Kelling gave the date of the alleged crime as "sometime between July and August", Wood claims the statement backfired when it was learned the alleged truck was in a wrecking yard during that time, because it had been in an accident by Wood's brother. Wood's also claims it was then that the date on the indictment was changed to the day before.the accident.


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