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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013at 1:28 pm

Have you seen the 100% commission programs that are popping up all over the place these days. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 18 months, chances are you have been approached (bombarded might be a better word) with sales letters screaming about a 100% commission program. Today I want to give you a few reasons for considering these programs and share with you the programs I have chosen to use in my own business.

Let me start off by asking you: “How much is your time worth?”

In the late 90′s I worked as a financial adviser for a large regional bank in the Midwest. I had a good business, but out of every dollar of commission I earned, I was only receiving 30% of the money. The remaining 70% of the revenue was split between the bank and my broker-dealer. Over the next few years a friend of mine began talking to me about taking my business independent. If I would simply make that move, I would go from receiving 30% of every commission to 90% of every commission. After a few moments of mental calculation, I knew I needed to make this shift in my business (a 300% increase in income was a no-brainer).

When I came online, a similar scenario was taking place. The products and programs that I was representing were paying 30 – 50%. Over time I realized that the only way to increase the earnings on product sales was to create your own products. The problem with product creation is that it takes a great amount of time and sufficient technical skills. This puts the product creation route out of the realm of possibility for most people.

100% Commission Lets You Earn Like The Gurus

In the fall of 2011, David Wood and David Sharpe shook up the online marketing world when they launched Empower Network. Empower Network allowed affiliates to earn 100% commission on products that they did not have to create. Needless to say, this paradigm shift rapidly gained popularity. In just the last 16 months over 100, 000 people have subscribed. The “100% commission” model is now the trend in the marketing world.

I find that these programs are not only a great way to generate substantial revenue, but they work as a great front end for promoting a residual income business on the back. When a person opts in to your offer or joins your business, they have identified themselves as someone who is serious about building a home based business. By leveraging that relationship, you can expand into other business opportunities as a team.

100% Commission Programs That I Use

While there are new 100% commission programs popping up on a regular basis, it is still important to choose opportunities that have good fundamental value behind them. I currently use 4 programs that operate on a 100% commission structure. I have given you a brief overview of each one, click on the name to learn more.

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A thought on Tiger Woods philandering...

2009-12-04 09:57:15 by K_nine

Here's a newspaper item from a few years ago about politics in the PGA and "ugly American" golfers. Despite all the talk about Tiger Woods being a role model, he's always leaned towards the traditional "republican guard" of the PGA, even despite morons like Fuzzy Zoeller. The item also mentions Jesper Parnevik, the man who introduced Tiger Woods to Woods's soon-to-be ex-wife.
I won't claim prescience after the fact, but it really shouldn't surprise that Woods was caught with his pants down (and his wife sticking his putter where the sun don't shine...). It also explains a little about European golfers and why you don't hear them talking religion or politics, and why they're considered more approachable for the public

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