Top non Fiction Books for Kids

4 Sources for Great Nonfiction Literature
Top 100 Children s Novels Poll #10: Bridge to Terabithia by

Easy ways to find great informational text, biographies, news stories, and narratives

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

Use these sources to find the best nonfiction, including informational text, biographies, news stories, and narratives.

  1. As Nell K. Duke, Ed.D. and V. Susan Bennett-Armistead recommend in Reading & Writing Informational Text in the Primary Grades, check out titles that have received these honors:
  2. Instructor Magazine's 71 Top Nonfiction Books of the Century (PDF)
    Print this list of titles for quick reference.
  3. Best Bets for Nonfiction Books (PDF)
    Scholastic editors present their top picks for grades K-2 and grades 3-5 divided by subject area.
  4. Scholastic News, America's leading news source for kids
    Make students' experience with nonfiction compelling and relevant with daily news stories, in-depth special reports, critical thinking questions, and interactive features that spark classroom discussion.


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Things I thought of

2012-01-18 11:48:32 by pbp

Spread the books out over the middle shelves. They will be easier to look though and new books can be interfiled as received.
I agree the top and bottom shelves are the low rent districts…people just don’t browses them. Use those for special items that people will seek out, not general.
Pull out the reference books. Sort by type and file on a low rent shelf.
See if we have enough non-fiction to pull out and treat like the reference books. We probably won’t have enough and in that case, these will get interfiled with the fiction.
For the bulk of the books, simply alphabetize by author and shelf

It's fiction SLY....

2010-12-10 07:13:18 by momandgram

There was a movie called Solyent Green (sp?) awhile back..remember it? It was about a world that was over populated and was running out of food. So, they "the man" decided to recycle people to be made into food.
Oh NO...NEWS ALERT...PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE MADE INTO FOOD! You know..because there was a FICTION book written and MOVIE made IT WILL COME TRUE!
It's pure and simple fiction..period. It's not happening. No woman is going to have her child taken away because someone "thinks" she is going to abuse/neglect her child UNLESS she has a PRIOR history of neglect or abuse

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