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Faye wrote: "Hey. I noticed that many of you, like me, have consumed a lot of fluffy fiction so far this year (Sookie Stackhouse, anyone?) which I don't feel one bit guilty about :) However, I lose interest in..."

I am a political science major/nerd, so I can definitely recommend you all kinds of things when it comes to that, if you are interested in terrorism, globalization, specific issues, or just whatever.

The other two topics I have explored quite a bit as far as non-fiction goes are homosexuality and religion (not necessarily books that cover both, though).

Now, I won't bother listing all this stuff out in case you're not interested, but let me know if any of that sounds good and I will throw some book suggestions at you.


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As for non-fiction how-to books, I like

2006-05-17 20:20:24 by cheerful_in_pdx

These for starters. They are small, quick to read books that (I think) look pretty non-threatening. I introduced the subject with my current sweetie via these and I like them:
The Topping Book
The Bottoming Book
both by D. Easton and C. Liszt
The Complete Spanker
by Lady Green
These are longer books that I still found useful:
SM 101 by J. Wiseman
He likes to put in lots of detail, for example sample long and short negotiation forms. I skimmed it mostly for ideas and point of view.
Leathersex by J. Bean
Written for male/male, but advice can apply for all genders

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