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BookTalk is the Internet's best FREE online reading group!

If you've been searching the Internet for a great online reading group you are aware that there just doesn't seem to be many quality book discussion sites out there. Fortunately, you have found us and I'm confident that you'll soon realize that BookTalk is by far the very best online reading group in the world.

BookTalk started out originally as an in-person book discussion group. Just prior to any real-life group meetings I realized the limitations, complications and risks of creating a reading group that meets in person.

BookTalk is not the typical reading group!

What makes BookTalk better than an in-person reading group?

Thanks for asking this question! With an in-person book club you have all sorts of potential problems that we just don't have to deal with here. Don't get me wrong. There are thousands of small informal book groups throughout the world, and most of them are probably worth investigating and even joining. But the advantages of an online group just can't be ignored.

With an online group you don't have to spend your hard-earned money at restaurants and coffee shops just to have the right to use their building for your group meetings. You also don't have the headache and expense of feeding and cleaning up after a group of people when it's your turn to host the meeting at your home.

And do you really want to invite just anyone into your home? How do you screen these people to weed out the dangerous ones or at least the ones lacking common sense, courtesy and etiquette? Once someone knows where you live you can't click your fingers and make them forget. Are you sure it is safe to have book group meetings in your private home? And how do you ask the new guy with the bad manners to please not come again?

With an online reading group you have no annoying background noises such as screaming children, clanging dishes or rude customers. You can make comments about the book without having to wait your turn, only to realize that some people don't really care what you have to say and will never give you the floor.

The price of gas and the dangers of driving are additional factors. It is far cheaper and safer to enjoy your book discussions in the comfort and safety of your own home. If you do decide to join an in-person group find one close to home and wear a helmet when driving.

And think of how frustrating it could be to save up your energy and enthusiasm for your book only to have one rude member monopolizing the entire once-per-month meeting! You might never get a chance to speak. Our book discussion forums are open 24 hours per day every day and are 100% free. Post what you want, when you want and to whom you want.


Cornerstone (Souls Of The Stones)
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I am a big reader of non-fiction

2007-09-06 23:24:22 by KiMayaMama

And although most of my reads are parenting related, there are other areas of interests I have had books grab me in.
I'm taking some online English courses right now so I'm having to read a lot of fiction, not my favorite but I can admit that sometimes it is better for a person to step out of their comfort zone and be exposed to different things that they wouldn't normally be interested in.
I guess I go through moods, sometimes I am in the mood for a concise article on a topic and sometimes I really want to delve deep and long into a topic which requires a book or two or three, etc

Nope i own a ectaco jetbook lite ereader

2010-10-07 16:22:19 by short_bus_pile_up

Amazon kindle is just as stupid as an apple ipad. people buy it just for the name and spend hundred sof bucks for it. who the hell needs wifi and a special store to buy books. i just need a drag and drop usb connection to read txt and html files.
there are thousands of free ebooks online from amatures and pro authors in those formats. only idiots spend money on fiction
mine costs 68 bucks from newegg on sale free shipping no sales tax . regular retail price is 150 bucks.
and mine uses replaceable rechargeable AA batteries so i dont have to worry about the stupid built in rechargeable batteries dying and making the ereader useless like what happens on mp3 players after a couple years they dont hold a charge anymore and you cant replace the battery.

Another good one--reading!

2006-06-12 09:41:19 by TR26

Y'know, I'm of two minds here.
I know that reading skills (which must incorporate comprehension, memory, and criticism) are foundational. No question.
I wonder if books are the right medium?
Entering the next millenium, I find myself reading books less than ever. (I've been known to respond to people who recommend some literature to me by saying "I don't read books." Which raises a laugh in faculty meetings.) I've begun to view most books as inflexible, often padded, poorly organized stuff. Though the fiction genre isn't as bad...
More and more of my reading is done online, or from journals and newspapers and newsletters

Parched (Parched Series, A Vampire Romance, #1)
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Books Christian Fiction Authors Are Reading …
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Picture Books Online
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