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Looking for something a bit less popular than The Killer Angels or Gone with the Wind?

James Lee Burke
White Doves at Morning
Love triangles, battles, conflicting social and political beliefs, villains, and vigilante groups converge in this novel set in the South by one of the most respected crime novelists of all time. Privileged Robert Perry and poor immigrant Willie Burke find themselves competing for the same girl, Northern abolitionist Abigail Dowling. At the same time, tensions rise between the men and Ira Jamison, an ill-famed plantation owner who has his eyes on Abigail and whose illegitimate slave daughter Flower has been befriended by Willie and Abigail. Private and personal fights clash among the characters, culminating in an ending that will leave readers in surprise.

Thomas Dyja
Play for a Kingdom
Baseball and the Civil War come together in this novel that shows camaraderie can exist over enemy lines. When a Union Company from Brooklyn challenges a Confederate Company from Alabama to a baseball match on the picket lines of the Wilderness in May 1864, both companies have no idea how their views of war and life will change.

Thomas Fleming
When This Cruel War is Over
Based on a true story about the war in the Midwest, Major Paul Stapleton, a Union officer disillusioned by the war, is assigned to spy on the Sons of Liberty, a group of armed resisters who make attacks against the Union. Falling in love with the group founder's daughter, Janet Todd, Stapleton begins to question his allegiance to the Union and makes several decisions that could cost him more than a dismissal from the army.

Kaye Gibbons
On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon
At an early age, Emma Garnet Tate decides to rebel against her wealthy Southern father and the institution of slavery. In clear defiance of her father, she marries a Bostonian surgeon named Quincy Lowell, takes her father's housekeeper Clarice, and moves to Raleigh. Told in her voice in 1900, Emma reflects about her past, the Civil War, and her own personal reconstruction after the war.

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What got me interested in history

2008-09-25 08:04:44 by Ottawan

No one thing, but a combination. One important thing is books. I am a voracious reader with one of my favourite genres being historical fiction. It's fun to read a book and try to figure what was real and where the author took literary licence for his story. Some are extremely accurate, like McCullogh's books on Rome, or Bernard Cornwell's novels on the Napoleonic wars (Sharpe's Rifles et al, and his books on the Civil War.
Some books, and especially movies, play fast and loose with historical fact. I did a project once on finding the errors in the movie Spartacus. It was a good movie, but lousy history

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