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Dane Maddock Adventures in order - Adventure Books

Dane Maddock Adventures in order

Dane Maddock | The World According to Dave

Action,adventure,mystery and more! Navy SEAL turned treasure hunter Dane Maddock and his partner “Bones” Bonebrake don’t look for trouble,but adventure seems to hide around every corner. A globetrotting action-adventure series in the tradition of Clive Cussler,James Rollins,and the Indiana Jones adventures.

Book 1: Dourado
What lies beneath the sands of the Holy Land’s most famous city?

Book 2: Cibola

Can Dane and Bones unravel the secret of the Seven Cities of Cibola?

Book 3: Quest

What is the true story behind Percy Fawcett’s final expedition and the Lost City of Z?

Book 4: Icefall

Clues hidden in German cathedrals point the way to the secret of the Magi.

Book 5: Buccaneer

The legendary Oak Island Money Pit hides clues to a treasure and a deeper mystery.

Book 6: Atlantis Coming November 20

What is the true story of Atlantis,and can Dane and Bones stop the Dominion from harnessing its power?

Dane Maddock Origins Series
Can’t get enough Dane and Bones? The Origins series follows our heroes during their days in the Navy SEALS. Mystery and adventure abound!

Book 1: Freedom (with Sean Sweeney)

Book 2: Dead Ice (with Steven Savile) forthcoming

Book 3: Hell Ship (with Sean Ellis) forthcoming

Book 4: Liberty (with Edward G. Talbot) forthcoming

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Gryphonwood Press Dourado
Book (Gryphonwood Press)

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Good 'tween' books?

2006-11-11 10:09:45 by Autumnal

Hi Parent Forum,
I'm a nanny for a voracious reader and need book recommendations, please. She is 10, and she loves all the harry potter bookss, the warrior cats book, anything with witches, magic, adventure.
Recently, her mom and I have noticed her picking up books more about adolescence, high school, etc, and some of these, though in the kids'section of her library, or barnes and noble, are really a little too sexual/vulgar or just plain vapid and garbagy.
So, I ask you, parents of craig's list, what are some good books for a girl who wants something more grown up, but is still age-appropriate? I'm thinking judy blume, beverly cleary, but maybe something more modern?
She's struggling a bit with her writing in school, so we're trying to encourage lots of good...

Childrens Book Illustrator

2006-11-20 13:17:52 by patsybe

I am looking for a creative and talented person to assist me in illustrating childrens books that I am writing about the adventures of my dog, Booker T. The books will appeal to children in the four to six year age range. I've got snappy stories, but without enchanting illustrations to bring the stories to life, I can't go any further. Nothing fancy, just cute. If you are interested in this adventure, please email me @

Little Women, the Laura Ingalls books,

2006-11-13 13:25:18 by 45678

There was one, I cannot remember the name of it, was about a young girl whose sister died, and she was dealing with it. Very sad, but I loved that book.
I loved Judy Blume too...and those books where you could "choose your adventure"...and I loved to read Shakespeare, even when I didn't understand what the plays were about..

One of the great books about Africa is

2013-07-16 07:30:10 by considerthat

THE WHITE NILE by Allan Moorhead, the first explorations into central Africa and the sources of the Nile -- long sought even by the Pharaohs, but not accomplished until the middle 1800s by Richard Burton and friends. People and places in most primitive situations, well told and full of twists and adventure. There is a sequel, THE BLUE NILE.
Both were reprinted in paperbacks and are commonly found...superior reading. His
FATAL SHORE, a story of early Australia, is also good.

Gryphonwood Press Quest: A Dane Maddock Adventure
Book (Gryphonwood Press)
Book Adventure!
Book Adventure!
Hello Kitty - Story Book Adventure
Hello Kitty - Story Book Adventure
Americana Adventure Children s Book
Americana Adventure Children's Book
Gryphonwood Press Dourado (Dane Maddock Adventures)
eBooks (Gryphonwood Press)
Gryphonwood Press Cibola
Book (Gryphonwood Press)

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