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Best Lesbian Books Fiction - Adventure Books

Best Lesbian Books Fiction

Top 5: Lesbian fiction | The List
The Most Mind-Expanding Lesbian Science Fiction Books

For some rewarding lady-love books, try these lesbian classics

In Suzanne Rindell's novel The Other Typist, old-fashioned Rose falls into a dangerous obsession with the glamorous Odalie. For some happier lady-love endings, try these lesbian classics:

Valencia - Michelle Tea
A true(ish) account of a year spent among the women of San Francisco’s Mission District: radical Marta, tormented poet Willa, beautiful but dramatic Iris, and Iris's ex, the fantastically-named Magdalena Squalor. The most badass, punk-rock queer book ever written.

Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters
Orphaned pickpocket Sue sets out to scam the rich and trusting Maude – but matters get complicated when they fall in love. You can’t beat a good bit of melodrama, particularly when the baddies get their comeuppance and Maude and Sue have a nice snog.

Annie on My Mind -- Nancy Garden
A sweet, safe story of two high school girls who fall in love. A minister in Kansas publicly burned this 1980s teen novel on its publication – give it a read just to spite him.

The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith
While working in a toyshop, naïve Therese develops a crush on elegant older woman Carol – but Carol is going through a messy divorce, and could lose custody of her daughter if the courts find out about her relationship with Therese. Not a blissfully happy ending, but pretty progressive for the time.

Best Lesbian Erotica - Various
This anthology series has been running for 18 years (and counting), and every single year the stories are more daring, beautiful, and -- of course -- downright smutty than before.

The Other Typist is published by Amy Einhorn Books on Tue 7 May.


Big Girls Do It Better (Book 1)
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2009-05-29 06:53:48 by MoodIndigo

Sex Talks to Girls, Maureen Seaton, University of
Arkansas Press
Whacked, Josie Gordon, Bella Books
love belongs to those who do the feeling, Judy Grahn, Red Hen Press
The Kiss That Counted, Karin Kallmaker, Bella Books
Finlater, Shawn Ruff, Quote Editions
Best Gay Erotica 2009, Richard Labonte & James Lear, Cleis Press

For Berenice

2007-05-31 13:50:18 by Apeshit

Well, this probably won't do you any good because you said you already read a lot. But my friend misunderstood and gave me a list of BOOKS instead of FILMS. Sheesh. So, for whatever it's are her book reviews. I've got her working on a video list now (I hope). (The item numbers are from Good Vibrations.)
This title I liked because it had diversity - not all butch on femme (zzzzzzzz) action and not all tranny boi action like so many tomes seem to have as the current 'cause celebre', some older couples which was REALLY nice

Raven Books Always Yours (Lagos Romance Series)
eBooks (Raven Books)
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Book trailer for The Promise by Lesley …
Science Fiction Audio Books
Science Fiction Audio Books
Women s Fiction Continues to Sell
Women's Fiction Continues to Sell

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