Top Fiction Books 2012 for women

Best Books 2012: Women’s Fiction

Shortest Way Home Best Books 2012: Womens Fiction

By Karen Core

Fay, Juliette. The Shortest Way Home. Penguin. ISBN 9780143121916. pap. $15; eISBN 9781101603666.
Sean has traveled the world for 20 years caring for others as a nurse, until he is called home to Massachusetts where his family is in crisis. Fay’s third novel offers a poignant look at what happens when a man is confronted with the very thing he has worked so hard to avoid. (LJ 10/1/12)

Gideon, Melanie. Wife 22. Ballantine. ISBN 9780345527950. $26; eISBN 9780345527950.
Alice is about to turn 45, the age her mother was when she died 30 years ago. Her marriage offers no solace so she finds escape in the form of an online flirtation. A witty and au courant addition to the chick lit cannon. (LJ 4/1/12)

Hall, Emylia. The Book of Summers. Mira: Harlequin. ISBN 9780778314110. pap. $15.95; eISBN 9781459230026.
Londoner Beth learns of her Hungarian mother’s death when she receives a scrapbook that her mother had compiled of their summers together. A vivid portrayal of a young woman facing the painful past she had suppressed. (LJ 5/15/12)

Netzer, Lydia. Shine Shine Shine. St. Martin’s. ISBN 9781250007070. $24.99; eISBN 9781250007070.
While robotics genius Maxon travels to the moon, he leaves behind his odd wife, Sunny, their autistic son, an unborn child, and Sonny’s dying mother. This thought-provoking debut novel calls into question what it means to be normal. (Xpress Reviews, 7/6/12)

Scotch, Allison Winn. The Song Remains the Same. Putnam. ISBN 9780399157585. $25.95; eISBN 9780399157585.
One of two survivors of a plane crash, Nell has no memory of her life before the accident—not of her cheating husband, the sister she’s not speaking to, or the father who abandoned her. Scotch’s fourth novel illustrates how forgetting everything can bring one to the truth. (LJ 1/12)


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Things I thought of

2012-01-18 11:48:32 by pbp

Spread the books out over the middle shelves. They will be easier to look though and new books can be interfiled as received.
I agree the top and bottom shelves are the low rent districts…people just don’t browses them. Use those for special items that people will seek out, not general.
Pull out the reference books. Sort by type and file on a low rent shelf.
See if we have enough non-fiction to pull out and treat like the reference books. We probably won’t have enough and in that case, these will get interfiled with the fiction.
For the bulk of the books, simply alphabetize by author and shelf

Chuck Palahnuik freak show, er, reading

2003-09-06 21:45:49 by LogInYourEye

At the Page St. Liberary Sat. in the basement.
I thought it would crowded, and I was right. About 130 people, most of them 20something brats, Limp Bizkit types. Pretentious Haight St. kiddies. Many brought "Fight Club" DVDs for him to sign. Long line beforehand, so I sat down.
Chuck read a short story rejected by "Playboy," 3 tales of guys doing strange things to jack off; one kid puts a stick of candle wax up his dick, another gets rimmed by a pool drain, JOing underwater, and ends up with a prolapsed intestine.
Lots of "Ew, gross!" and "That is disgusting" remarks from the hipster crowd

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