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Online Fiction books for free - Adventure Books

Online Fiction books for free

Listing of free online novels and other fiction

Download Field of ReedsProject Gutenberg - ambitious project to present thousands of copyright-expired classics as text files. There's so much stuff here that you'll probably need to use the Search mechanism.

Free Novels
Short Stories

Web fiction from Internet journalist Andrew Starling

Dead Pan and Joe Progress

The god Pan comes to Earth and because of his goats legs is mistaken for a genetically modified organism. He becomes famous,appears on a couple of TV shows,and tries to defeat his rival Joe Progress,a thoroughly modern deity.More Details.

Vince's Desire

The story of a battle between an overbearing artificial intelligence,Vince,and his inventor,Graham. Vince lives inside the world's computers,and decides to give himself the digital equivalent of a sex drive. More Details

Field of Reeds

Raymond Kite invents an electronic method of measuring the human soul. Not everybody thinks this is a great idea. The final scene is based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
More Details


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Nope i own a ectaco jetbook lite ereader

2010-10-07 16:22:19 by short_bus_pile_up

Amazon kindle is just as stupid as an apple ipad. people buy it just for the name and spend hundred sof bucks for it. who the hell needs wifi and a special store to buy books. i just need a drag and drop usb connection to read txt and html files.
there are thousands of free ebooks online from amatures and pro authors in those formats. only idiots spend money on fiction
mine costs 68 bucks from newegg on sale free shipping no sales tax . regular retail price is 150 bucks.
and mine uses replaceable rechargeable AA batteries so i dont have to worry about the stupid built in rechargeable batteries dying and making the ereader useless like what happens on mp3...

I need somebody with Kindle to check formatting

2010-03-05 08:17:51 by fakefir

I'm helping a friend format a book for free online distribution.
(The paperback version sells at Amazon for $20 but he's giving away the eBook to build some buzz for his next book.)
Anyway, I don't have a Kindle, so I downloaded the eBook after posting it, and I am viewing it in the "Kindle for PC" reader program.
There is a ONE SPACE indent at the start of every paragraph. This extra indent doesn't show up in the PDF or other formats.
The eBook distributor says its a bug in "Kindle for PC" and the book will look fine on a real Kindle, but I would like independent verification

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