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Nonfiction Kids Books

Just the Facts, Ma'am: Non-fiction Books for Third Graders
Marianne J. Dyson | Kids Nonfiction

Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole (Series Wall)

These popular series is actually three series, each of which uses a fictional framework (a wacky teacher uses a magic school bus to take her class on field trips) to teach scientific facts--these titles are an excellent way of encouraging non-fiction reading by children who prefer, or just have little experience with, non-fiction. The author was one of the first to incorporate a true blend of text and illustration in non-fiction writing. Despite the pictures, the text of the original series is actually written at a "chapter book level" and is especially good for visual learners. Joanna Cole has also added two more "traditionally structred" magic school bus books: "The Magic School Bus Chapter Books" and the "Magic School Bus Readers."

National Geographic Science Chapters

This chapter book series is a good reading choice for children who are fans of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" and other science and nature television programs. This series covers a range of topics; each title is located at the call number for its topic. Here are a the locations of a few popular titles to get you started:

Into the Earth: The Story of Caves by Meredith Costain (J 551.44 COS)

Mysteries of the Sea by Marianne Morrison (J 551.46 MOR)

Venus Flytraps, Bladderworts, and. . . by Moica Halpern (J 580 HAL)

Serengeti Journey: On Safari in Africa by Gare Thompson (J 599 THO)

Amazon Journey: Cruising the Rain Forest by Gare Thompson (J 918 THO)

National Geographic Kids Readers series

Similar to the National Geographic Science Chapters described above, but written at lower reading levels (the titles in the series are labeled with different reading levels). The series covers a range of titles, each of which is at the dewey number for its subject; some of the more popular titles are listed here to get you started.

Weird Sea Creatures by Laura Marsh (JE 591.77 MAR)

Spiders by Laura Marsh (JE 595.4 MAR)

Polar Bears by Laura Marsh (JE 599.786 MAR)

Monkeys by Anne Schreiber (JE599.8 SCH)

Ponies by Laura Marsh (JE 636.1 MAR)

The Great St. Lawrence Seaway by Gail Gibbons (J 386 GIB)

Children who love Legos and hands-on museum exhibits will be enjoy how engineering knowledge (along with the efforts of 15, 000 workers) overcame many obstacles to create the world's largest inland waterway.


Kingfisher The Best Book of Sharks
Book (Kingfisher)

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2010-01-26 14:45:56 by cornerhouse

Love 'em.
1) reading many books: Rebel Angels by Libba Bray (I read most of the books my middle schooler reads to discuss with her), also How Long Has This Been Going On? by Ethan Mordden, continuing my self-education in queer history.
2) Maybe one in five fiction I don't finish. One in two nonfiction. Something about the military history of the Phillipines has been on my nightstand for a year (sorry friend who loaned it to me).
3) Yes. Serious library habit. I'm there every four days.
4) Pathetic, but I like the YA novels

My kid has hit this age where she just

2011-12-02 13:10:14 by jazzerita

Wants to read the nat geo kids type books. She's no longer interested in story books, you know the little ones I could lay in bed and read to her until she got sleepy. Anyhow, I'm putting in her book order and it's full of the "creatures of the deep", "Bats", "Cats and Dogs" type books but I want to get her a few sweet story books. Should I just save my money? It just feels wrong to buy all of these nonfiction books. I love fiction!

I'm in a book club

2007-11-13 21:37:12 by ecomama

Made up mostly of moms. We read all kinds of books; fiction and nonfiction. We meet once a month in the evening without our kids (except for one infant but he doesn't count). Once a month is about as frequently as we can manage.
Ask around and see if any of your friends would be interested.

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