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Non Fiction chapter books for Kids - Adventure Books

Non Fiction chapter books for Kids

Just the Facts, Ma'am: Non-fiction Books for Third Graders

Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole (Series Wall)

These popular series is actually three series, each of which uses a fictional framework (a wacky teacher uses a magic school bus to take her class on field trips) to teach scientific facts--these titles are an excellent way of encouraging non-fiction reading by children who prefer, or just have little experience with, non-fiction. The author was one of the first to incorporate a true blend of text and illustration in non-fiction writing. Despite the pictures, the text of the original series is actually written at a "chapter book level" and is especially good for visual learners. Joanna Cole has also added two more "traditionally structred" magic school bus books: "The Magic School Bus Chapter Books" and the "Magic School Bus Readers."

National Geographic Science Chapters

This chapter book series is a good reading choice for children who are fans of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" and other science and nature television programs. This series covers a range of topics; each title is located at the call number for its topic. Here are a the locations of a few popular titles to get you started:

Into the Earth: The Story of Caves by Meredith Costain (J 551.44 COS)

Mysteries of the Sea by Marianne Morrison (J 551.46 MOR)

Venus Flytraps, Bladderworts, and. . . by Moica Halpern (J 580 HAL)

Serengeti Journey: On Safari in Africa by Gare Thompson (J 599 THO)

Amazon Journey: Cruising the Rain Forest by Gare Thompson (J 918 THO)

National Geographic Kids Readers series

Similar to the National Geographic Science Chapters described above, but written at lower reading levels (the titles in the series are labeled with different reading levels). The series covers a range of titles, each of which is at the dewey number for its subject; some of the more popular titles are listed here to get you started.

Weird Sea Creatures by Laura Marsh (JE 591.77 MAR)

Spiders by Laura Marsh (JE 595.4 MAR)

Polar Bears by Laura Marsh (JE 599.786 MAR)

Monkeys by Anne Schreiber (JE599.8 SCH)

Ponies by Laura Marsh (JE 636.1 MAR)

The Great St. Lawrence Seaway by Gail Gibbons (J 386 GIB)

Children who love Legos and hands-on museum exhibits will be enjoy how engineering knowledge (along with the efforts of 15, 000 workers) overcame many obstacles to create the world's largest inland waterway.


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Don't put too much stock

2006-08-27 19:08:35 by intestscores

The standardized tests kids take at the end of the year aren't the only way to know if they have good reading skills. In fact, I think they may be the worst way. He may have just found the prompts on the test uninteresting and just didn't try hard. Do you have other indications that he's a poor reader?
Expose your child to all kinds of books that are kid friendly. Go to the library and just check things out that seem remotely interesting to him. Go for picture books and chapter books. Pick up some non-fiction texts about animals or space or race cars or whatever your son enjoys.
How about a family book club? You each read the same book and then talk about it

Oh my GOSH!! Where is this??

2008-02-02 18:05:34 by titus2mamato4

We buy all sorts of stuff. I like romances (I admit it!). DD1 especially loves animal books. Especially non fiction. She bought "How to care for your Betta fish" today...doesn't have one, but hey, just in case. She has TONS of those type of books. She also loves classics, and stuff like Redwall books. DD2 is working on easy chapter books, especially Magic Treehouse, Scooby Doo, Animal Ark, etc. DD3 and DS like pretty much any picture books or board books, and DD3 will be starting on the easy readers within a couple months, I think.
Dh doesn't read much, but he loves books about tools, woodworking, etc

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