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Non Fiction Books for Teens

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Nonfiction Writing {Turtles}
Then we started our nonfiction writing. Here's my template for the pages included in this book: Turtle Writing Templates. First, the children copied the Turtle Tree Map onto their own chart. We used this map to plan our writing and build sentences.

Then the children started writing their books. They completed about one page each day. As they worked, I conferred with them to help them edit and revise their writing. They each wrote three to four pages for their books. Most of these samples are from ELL and Junior Kindergarten students. I'm so proud of them for how far they've come!

This is from one of my Junior Kindergarten students. She knew more than I did about turtles! When she told me about how turtles lay eggs with alligator eggs, I had to look it up. And what do you know...she's right! I also love how she added an interactive element to her writing: "How fast can you go?" ADORABLE!

Turtles are slow and swim.
Turtles can swim fast. Can you? How fast can you go?
Turtles lay eggs in alligator eggs.

Early in the year, this ELL/Junior K student spoke little English and knew none of her letters or sounds. You can see most of her writing was copied from the Tree Map, but she also tried to sound out some of the words on her own. She also uses the appropriate conventions of print (capitalization, spacing, and punctuation). Yay!
Turtles are green and brown.
Turtles can lay eggs.
Turtles can swim.
This ELL student was able to sound out unknown words independently. His illustrations also match his text nicely.
Turtles can swim fast.
Turtles can walk slow.
Turtles can lay eggs.
This ELL student also started the year speaking very little English and knowing no letters or sounds. She copied some text, but also tried to sound out many of the words on her own. Wow!
Turtles are brown and green.
Turtles can lay eggs in the dirt.
Turtles can swim fast.

We used post-it notes to label the body parts of a turtle. Students volunteered to be the "turtle" as we labeled the various parts. Then they completed their Turtle Diagrams to add to their turtle books. Then we made some cute turtle covers. The idea for this adorable book cover came from my co-worker, Denise. She always has the cutest ideas! Finally, we published and shared our books!
These are some of the books we read...


Fireside The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide
Book (Fireside)
  • Step-by-step guide to making changes
  • How to create action plans
  • Building better relationships
  • In two words: Assertiveness Training
  • Written with humor and a youth friendly style

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I have an idea since this is for a teenager.

2009-12-03 06:05:02 by libertarianINflorida

I would look into Unschooling its not a bad option you simply let the teens interests guide them. I would only insist they earn a GED, read three books a week, two non-fiction and one fiction and do volunteer work say 12 hours a week to gain work experience. Or actually hold a job at least 12 hours a week.
No reason to treat a teenager like a child. Just look into it and see if you want to try it.

Seeking Submissions For Best-Selling Book Series

2004-04-12 16:28:33 by erichicken

I have a welcoming opportunity to let you in on. I am helping put together the next Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. (You know these books, you have seen them on the bestsellers lists and either read them and gotten something good out of them, or possibly scoffed at them and refuse to read them; that’s fine I did too…) Look, based on the thousands of letters we get, kids love these books and find inspiration, comfort, and strength from them. So, now you can help our youth and get some money for it. Get published in Teens IV and get a few hundred dollars for it if selected. Wanting to help boost the number of submissions I am opening it up to you all and to anyone else you know who is a good writer

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