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Nonfiction Book Club Discussion Questions - Generic

Use our general nonfiction questions to get book club discussions off to a good start. They're basic but smart.

1. If your book offers a cultural portrait—of life in another country or region of your own country, start with questions a, b, and c ...
  1. What observations are made in the book?
    Does the author examine economics and
    politics, family traditions, the arts, religious beliefs, language or food?
  2. Does the author criticize or admire the culture? Does he/she wish to preserve or
    change the way of life? Either way, what
    would be risked or gained?
  3. What is different from your own culture? What
    do you find most surprising, intriguing or
    difficult to understand?
2. What is the central idea discussed in the book? What issues or ideas does the author explore? Are they personal, sociological, global, political, economic, spiritual, medical, or scientific? 3. Do the issues affect your life? How so—directly, on a daily basis, or more generally? Now or sometime in the future?4. What evidence does the author use to support the book's ideas? Is the evidence convincing...definitive or...speculative? Does the author depend on personal opinion, observation, and assessment? Or is the evidence factual—based on science, statistcs, historical documents, or quotations from (credible) experts?5. What kind of language does the author use? Is it objective and dispassionate? Or passionate and earnest? Is it polemical, inflammatory, sarcastic? Does the language help or undercut the author's premise?6. What are the implications for the future? Are there long- or short-term consequences to the issues raised in the book? Are they positive or negative...affirming or frightening?7.What solutions does the author propose? Who would implement those solutions? How probable is success?8. How controversial are the issues raised in the book? Who is aligned on which sides of the issues? Where do you fall in that line-up?9. Talk about specific passages that struck you as significant—or interesting, profound, amusing, illuminating, disturbing, sad...? What was memorable?10. What have you learnedafter reading this book? Has it broadened your perspective about a difficult issue—personal or societal? Has it introduced you to a culture in another country...or an ethnic or regional culture in your own country?

(Questions by LitLovers. Please feel free to use them, online or off, with attribution. Thanks.)

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Vintage Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail (Vintage)
Book (Vintage)

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New BiBook club

2007-08-15 08:05:07 by MoodIndigo

Is being formed at Bi Writers. Info follows.
New! Bi Book Club [14 Aug 2007|08:20pm]
The Bi Writers Association announces the formation of a new online bi book discussion group called the Bi Book Club.
The Bi Book Club is an email list for discussion of bisexual books including fiction, non-fiction, biography and poetry. This group welcomes readers as well as writers.
To join send a join request email to or go to our yahoo site at
We started this group for two reasons:

Logistics of Managing a Book Club?

2002-10-10 08:11:52 by LA_Dude

I've volunteered to run a book club for this political organization in the city that I am a part of. The reading list is mostly non-fiction - history, politics, international and national affairs, serious stuff.
Since I've never done this before, can anyone give me some ideas? For example:
- should everyone read the same book and discuss it, or should we select a theme or topic and read different books and share our findings?
- what's the best way to decide on a topic or book? Should I suggest a few and have people vote?
- Is meeting once a month the standard?
- Any recommendations on good places in the city to meet and have a focused discussion? Coffee houses or bars that have space and are quiet enough to have a conversation?
This is for a group of about...

Wifo book club poll: New Book

2004-04-05 12:18:06 by cazeria

Nisrene posted this last week as a suggestion for a new book for us to read. I just wanted to poll you all to see what you guys think. Sounds great to me, some non-fiction would be nice. And anyone is welcome to join in. You don't need a special membership card. :)
"Any suggestions for next books? I would like to recommend the following for sometime in the future, if anyone is interested...
Kind of sensational, but a great quick read."

Frey's book deal nixed after scandal

2006-02-23 17:45:13 by RoFo-News

U.S. author James Frey, who admitted last month he made up much of his best-selling memoir "A Million Little Pieces," has been dropped by his publisher, Riverhead Books, Frey's representative said on Thursday.
Frey's unmasking and public confession to Oprah Winfrey, the daytime television host whose endorsement catapulted the drug-rehab memoir to the top of the bestsellers list, has rocked the U.S. publishing industry, stirring debate about the nature of memoirs and the importance of accuracy.
After writing "A Million Little Pieces" for Random House, Frey moved with his editor Sean McDonald to Penguin imprint Riverhead Books, which published his second book, "My Friend Leonard," last June

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