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Whether you have already written a nonfiction book or are contemplating writing one you will need to know what it takes to sell it. A book proposal can be prepared no matter what stage of writing you are currently in. In fact, the preparation of a book proposal is recommended even before you start writing because it can become a guide to the process, an outline for your book and a checklist of what your book should contain in order to have a chance for success.

There are seven major factors that make for a best-selling nonfiction book. There are also seven major parts to a book proposal. If you address all of these issues carefully and your book meets most of the following criteria, your chances of getting published will be greatly improved. Even if you are planning to self-publish, your book will sell better if it is well organized and has a professional appearance. Your standards must be as high as any other publisher.

What Makes a Nonfiction Book Successful?

  1. The subject is timely and/or timeless, it is unique or presented in a unique way, it is interesting and appeals to a wide audience.
  2. It has a title that is descriptive, invites inquiry, shocks or soothes or in some way attracts attention.
  3. It is well-written and carefully edited with attention paid to spelling, grammar and sentence structure. It avoids scientific or technical terminology unfamiliar to the layperson. It does not contain slang expressions as they tend to date the work. It is easy to read.
  4. The author is a professional in the field about which he/she is writing, is considered an expert on the subject or has done extensive research on it.
  5. The material is well-organized.
  6. The presentation is attractive, appealing and professional-looking.
  7. It has been diligently promoted and marketed.

Prepare your Book Proposal with all of the above factors in mind. The headings and the format that are shown here are representative of several books which have been written on book proposals, information from agents and publishers and my own personal experience. The format may differ somewhat according to the publisher or agent to whom you will be presenting your proposal. For instance, some publishers require one sample chapter, some three or even more. Some agents may ask that you put your name on every page and others may ask you not to. It's a good idea to modify your book proposal according to the wishes of the person or company with whom you are dealing. Above all, before you send it off, write and rewrite until you have it right and edit, edit, edit!

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There was one book where they went to sea and their teachers prepared workbooks for them to continue schooling while they were away. They were tailored to the trip so the kids would learn things about where they are going and what they are doing.
I've always wanted to do that with my kids and I think I'm going to start with DD who is in PreK. We go to the zoo or aquarium each week in the summer, so I think each week we will choose a theme animal and tailor worksheets and activities around that. For example, the first week will be tiger, so we will read both fiction and non-fiction books about tigers, learn how to spell it, do tiger coloring pages, learn about the...

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