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Summer Sleep-Away has been receiving top reviews by readers of all ages. The book capture the fun and adventures of sleep away summer camps and brings back childhood memories. The series (four books) are very good books for young adults.

Read some of the reviews written by readers of different ages

I must tell you this.
My son does not really like to read. Every night its an argument and finding a book he likes to read has been difficult to say the least. However, he has been glued to the pages in reading your books. He first read Summer Sleepaway and really enjoyed it. I just purchased the two other books available on Amazon and he is totally engrossed in Escape from Sunday School. Where I have to fight about the 20 minutes of required reading I am now finding him an hour later still glued to the book... Read More

The sweet, sweet days of summer
This is the rare book that captures the true flavor of adolescence without being patronizing to teenagers or alienating adults. It is at once painfully honest and warmly nostalgic, and for anyone who has ever been a camper or a counselor it will bring you back to days you thought long gone.... Read More

Outstanding! A must read for any kid who's going to sleep away and any adult who did!
I've never read a book that so well captures the fun and drama of sleepaway. I was a camper and a counselor and this is a great way to relive the nostalgia. I've also recommended it to friends.... Read More

A Great Book
Reading Summer Sleep-Away was like going to camp again. I swear I could smell the woods and hear the laughter of children. It really brought me back... Read More

Fabulous summer reading
The book was absolutely fabulous and should be required reading especially for kids going on to camp. I felt like I was a kid again and wished that I had experienced this wonderful camp experience in my lifetime but have now having... Read More

The sequel "That Same Summer" is now sold online...

Another great book for boys going on a first summer sleep away camp
These books helped my son on his first sleep away summer camp, a must read for parents and kids going on summer sleep away camp.

Great summer reading
The book is just great. My son and I both read it and enjoyed it. Like the first book I felt like I was a kid again experiencing this wonderful sleep away camp... Read More

Ofer's third book "Escape From Sunday School" is available online

Could not wait to read the book
Bought all three books as a gift to my sister's kids, they just loved it. Very good books for young adults.

Ofer's fourth book is now available.....

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Good 'tween' books?

2006-11-11 10:09:45 by Autumnal

Hi Parent Forum,
I'm a nanny for a voracious reader and need book recommendations, please. She is 10, and she loves all the harry potter bookss, the warrior cats book, anything with witches, magic, adventure.
Recently, her mom and I have noticed her picking up books more about adolescence, high school, etc, and some of these, though in the kids'section of her library, or barnes and noble, are really a little too sexual/vulgar or just plain vapid and garbagy.
So, I ask you, parents of craig's list, what are some good books for a girl who wants something more grown up, but is still age-appropriate? I'm thinking judy blume, beverly cleary, but maybe something more modern?
She's struggling a bit with her writing in school, so we're trying to encourage lots of good...

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