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Free Fiction books for Kindle - Adventure Books

Free Fiction books for Kindle

Top 10 Kindle e-books: all free

Kindlebestsellers_0505If you want to pick up one of the bestselling books for the Kindle, you don't have to save your spare dollars or even your pennies -- the 10 top Kindle bestsellers are free. To find a bestselling Kindle e-book that costs more than $0.00, you have to look to No. 14, Steig Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" -- a book that's spent more than 18 months in the top 100, and has the fairly low e-book price of $5.50.

Currently at No. 1 is "Breach of Trust, " a mystery about an ex-CIA agent turned librarian from DiAnn Mills, a successful writer of Christian fiction. It's taken the top spot after just three days in the top 100, and that may change; Amazon revises its rankings every hour.

With "Breach of Trust" retailing for $26.36 in hardcover and $9.36 in paperback, why is Mills giving it away? Maybe because it's a year old and her a new novel, "A Woman Called Sage, " was released just three weeks ago. The idea is that readers will like the older, free e-book so much that they'll go ahead and pay for a new one from the same author. But with "A Woman Called Sage" at the respectable but certainly not bestselling No. 8, 068 in the Kindle store, is this give-em-a-taste strategy paying off?

Maybe it would have a better chance if so many people weren't trying it -- but there's Kathryn Magendie's free, 2009 novel "Tender Graces, " the Kindle No. 5 bestseller; her new 2010 book "Secret Graces" is at No. 14, 020 on the Kindle list. And Samantha Sommersby's "Forbidden: The Sacrifice, " the 2009 start to a supernatural series is now free; its third book, "Forbidden: The Temptation, " released in March, selling for $3.60, is at No. 1, 518 in the Kindle store.

Another strategy is to make the e-book free for just a few days. That's the case for several new books in the Kindle top 10. "Death of a Trophy Wife" by Laura Levine (No. 2), "Mistress By Mistake" by Maggie Robinson (No. 4) and "Secrets of the Tudor Court" by D. L. Bodgdan (No. 6) are all from Kensington, and "The Killing Room" by John Manning (No. 3) is from Pinnacle, an imprint. Abingdon Press has made debut author Linda S. Clare's novel "The Fence My Father Built" free this week; it's at No. 7. Once the free download window has closed, these books will sell for the retail price. But will readers choose to pony up for the books they missed, or go for the new free books that pop up next week?


Harvest House Publishers Christmas at Pebble Creek (Free Short Story) (The Pebble Creek Amish)
eBooks (Harvest House Publishers)

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EBook Author offers New Crime Fiction Novel for

2013-10-21 12:53:28 by rccatman

I am a first time eBook author with a new crime fiction book available on Amazon/Kindle books. The Title is "The Small World of Harry Parnes and it sells for only $2.99 and is FREE for 1 day, October 22. If you are a reader who loves good crime fiction I am asking for your help.
I would appreciate some downloads, some reviews and any support you can give if you like good crime fiction a la Elmore Leonard, John D Mac Donald, George V. Higgins. Just go to and type "Harry Parnes" in the search box or cut & paste this link. Thanks!

I need somebody with Kindle to check formatting

2010-03-05 08:17:51 by fakefir

I'm helping a friend format a book for free online distribution.
(The paperback version sells at Amazon for $20 but he's giving away the eBook to build some buzz for his next book.)
Anyway, I don't have a Kindle, so I downloaded the eBook after posting it, and I am viewing it in the "Kindle for PC" reader program.
There is a ONE SPACE indent at the start of every paragraph. This extra indent doesn't show up in the PDF or other formats.
The eBook distributor says its a bug in "Kindle for PC" and the book will look fine on a real Kindle, but I would like independent verification

A lot of free books to read on Amazon

2012-09-21 15:20:56 by TheSwashbuckler

How to Write a Fiction Novel in 30 Days - ideas and techniques if you only have one hour or less each day to write your book.
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Are you writing a book now?
Does the idea of writing books seem seem interesting but you have no experience?
This will teach you how to write a book, quickly, and have you published in 30 days!
This is the number one book that will teach you an actual system to take the ideas out of your head and formulate them into your very own fiction novel. This is the same How-to system that Nicholas Black used to write his novels, after having no experience at all in writing or publishing

Eleanor Webb The Job Offer
eBooks (Eleanor Webb)

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