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Some books wow you with their stunning illustrations, some with their page-turning action, and still others with the lush, vivid worlds they paint for our imaginations. As we built the 100 Greatest Books for Kids list, we felt compelled to tell you about the books that wowed us. There are ten such books. To honor them, we awarded a superlative badge for each that you’ll discover as the list is revealed.

The list of 100 Greatest Books for Kids was culled by the editors of Parent & Child magazine from more than 500 titles suggested by the ten contributors below. We are extremely grateful for their brains, passion, and dedication to our project.

Reading, Writing, and Book Experts


President of the Culham Writing Company and former Unit Manager of the Assessment Program at Education Northwest, Culham is the author of many professional resources, including Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for Middle School (a 2011 Teachers Choice Award-winner) and the Scholastic Traits Writing program for K-8. She conducts teacher workshops at local, district, and state levels, and is a featured speaker at state and national conferences.


Doster is the Executive Director of Books for Kids, a national nonprofit whose mission is to promote literacy among all children with a special emphasis on low-income and at-risk preschoolers by creating libraries full of books that help children learn to read and love to learn. She holds a law degree from the University of Houston.


President of Phyllis C. Hunter Consulting, Inc., Hunter was appointed by Congress and President George W. Bush to the board of the National Institute for Literacy and has served on the President’s Educational Transition Team. The National Alliance of Black School Educators honored her with the 2002 Marcus Foster Memorial Award for Distinguished Educator of the Year. As a reading consultant who specializes in scientific, research-based programs, Hunter provides on-site technical assistance to states implementing comprehensive reading programs.


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You have the worst taste in authors

2003-12-28 17:03:51 by i-have-ever-seen

Yes, Ursula K. LeGuin is a great writer, as is Maya Angelou.
The rest of the writers you list write nothing but totally commercial crap.
Catherine Coutler: Romance writer who switched tho mystery when people stopped buying her books
Nora Roberts: See above
Anne Rice: Overhyped crap for teenagers
Luanne Rice: Mediocre women's fiction writer
Mary Higgens Clark: Possibly the least talented bestselling author in print today
Joy Fielding: One-hit wonder
Merecedes Lackey: The queen of trite fantasy
Really, Elusive, shouldn't you wait until you gr

8? Really?

2010-03-11 11:39:10 by nyctalk

Do kids that young watch it??? I don't have kids but that seems young.
For me, it isn't that it's trite - there's plenty of that in films - but that there's an obsession by teenagers with it all. The whole vampire thing and its popularity mystifies me, but maybe it is suppose to. I don't fit the demographics.
I do know that the books have spawned a whole raft of fiction writers trying to appeal to the same audience. Older than Harry Potter readers but not yet adults.

Is it just called "after the plague"?

2003-09-08 19:06:25 by teatime

There's one by Jean Ure but I can't find info about it...out of print and all that...shit, says that one's from 1995...could be a rerealease though...humm check this link...still no editorial reviews or antyhing but this sounds right...
is what I could find about Plague 99 (the name doesn't seem quite right)
Editorial Reviews
One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools, this is a story of survival, friendship and loyalty, featuring three teenagers in a picture of life after a plague has killed their parents and left London a ghost town

This is getting irritating...sorry everyone I have to do this

2002-01-22 21:47:07 by caucasoid_wad

You've broken me down. I'm getting tired of your insincere, vindictive, condescending attitude.
Ofcourse you have to read good books in order to be a good writer. OFcourse the bulk of our knowledge comes from books. Are the most influential books in the canon? People have been debating that bitterly since it's inception. Ofcourse some of the canon is invaluable to our culture. And some of it is pure crap.
I'd like to quote:
'And I think that our standards are so low and our collective education on all things literary so slim that others on this forum either don't know, or are afraid to say, that it's awful

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