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Killer of Enemies cover2013 Releases

Killer of Enemies by Joseph Bruchac
In a world that has barely survived an apocalypse that leaves it with pre-twentieth century technology,Lozen is a monster hunter for four tyrants who are holding her family hostage.

The Monster in the Mudball by S.P. Gates
When Jin's little brother is kidnapped by the monster Zilombo,Jin teams up with Chief Inspector of Ancient Artifacts Mizz Z on the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,England to find him and defeat the monster.

Awakening by Karen Sandler
In this sequel to Tankborn,fifteen-year-old Kayla travels on Kinship business,collecting information to further the cause of GEN freedom. Now she must save GENs from a deadly virus before she can focus on freeing them from slavery.

Hammer of Witches by Shana Mlawski
Fourteen-year-old bookmaker’s apprentice Baltasar,pursued by a secret witch-hunting arm of the Inquisition,joins Columbus's expedition to escape and discovers secrets about his own past that his family had tried to keep hidden.Awakening cover

2012 Releases: Cat Girl's Day Off,Vodník,Diverse Energies,Summer of the Mariposas

2011 Releases: Wolf Mark,Tankborn,and Galaxy Games

New Visions Award

The NEW VISIONS AWARD will be given for a middle grade or young adult fantasy,science fiction,or mystery novel by a writer of color. Read more

About Tu Books

Fantasy,science fiction,and mystery: these genres draw in young readers like no other. Yet in these genres that readers of color might feel most like outsiders,given that such a large percentage features white characters (when they feature human characters). It is the goal of Tu Books to publish genre books for children and young adults that fill this gap in the market—and more importantly,this gap in serving our readers. By focusing on diverse settings and characters in fantastic stories,we also open up worlds to all readers.

The word "tu" means "you" in many languages,and in Ainu (the language of Japan's native people),it means "many." Tu Books is dedicated to publishing fantasy,science fiction,and mystery for children and young adults inspired by many cultures from around the world,to reach the "you" in each reader.

The Monster in the Mudball cover Hammer of Witches cover


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I'm always wary of people who read CS Lewis

2005-05-16 09:15:32 by Silea

When they were kids. I read Lion, Witch, Wardrobe for a Children's Fantasy class in college, that thing is just spilling over the brim with christian imagery. Turns out Lewis was all about using literature as a tool for religious education. He and Tolkein were buddies, but Tolkein (devoutly religious as well) was all about fiction for fiction's sake, and kept his religion out of his writing (mostly).
Anyway, most people who read CS Lewis as children are just floored that someone would suggest religious imagery ran rampant through his books, and to them i say, read one again as an adult.

4 yrs old is young to understand 'lying'

2005-02-23 17:40:23 by mcleah

For a lot of children. They want something to 'be', and say so. This is especially true if he is saying a friend's toy belongs to him, for instance.
You might start with the concept of fact vs fiction in books and TV, if your child gets pulled easily into fantasy scenarios or doesn't know the difference.
I used to not punish my son, but not let him get away with a blatant lie either. In the example above you might say something like- "wow, I can tell you really want a toy car like that. It's a really cool one, but we kn ow it belongs to Johnny, so we have to give it back."
Once kids understand the difference between fact and fiction- maybe K or 1st grade , you can start to talk about trust and give consequences for lying

Got Kid?

2008-12-21 12:46:26 by angeljam

I write personalized children's stories with or without child's' photos. I have been writing these stories for parents to share with their children for a few years. These books are not publicized. They are for parent/child interaction. I have found that children learn more effectively and efficiently when they are read to on a regular basis and they learn to appreciate & respect books, especially in this computer tech age. Reading a story using their own name as main character is a delight to parent and child alike HOW? I write these stories with pictures and it is quite challenging but very much worth the joy!It is rewarding

I was in the same boat. this is what i did

2006-09-03 17:33:55 by philateacher

Congrats on the teaching job!
last year i taught 5th grade and had my classroom library set up like a normal library, but i found kids spent a lot of time choosing books and not reading them.
this year i'm trying something different. i bought baskets -- sterilite has a medium basket that i was able to find at target and walmart. they were about 1.75 a piece, but better quality than some of the baskets i've seen at the dollar stores. i arranged my books in order of, biographies, science fiction, fantasy, sports, and others.
i actually posted the same thing you posted a few weeks ago and in my search for the best fit for me, i found someone's classroom website from a school in the midwest

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