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Christian Fiction books for Teens - Adventure Books

Christian Fiction books for Teens

Christian Fiction for Teens
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To meet the criteria for this list, books are required to have teen appeal and be issued by known Christian publishers.

These titles are located throughout the library; please note the location in the catalog.

Perfectly Dateless: A Universally Misunderstood Novel by Kristin Billerbeck. Entering her senior year at St. James Christian Academy, Daisy has less than 200 days to look stylish, develop social skills, find the right boy for the prom, and convince her parents to let her date.

Tyrone’s Story by Sigmund Brouwer. Eighteen-year-old Tyrone Larson ponders the events of his life that led to his part in the death of a high school friend from a drug overdose. This novel is part of the Degrees of Guilt series.

Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely by Melody Carlson. Two sophomore girls, best friends since kindergarten, grow apart when one wants new friends and decides the other is a popularity liability. This is the first novel in the True Colors series.

Premiere by Melody Carlson. When two sisters get their own fashion-focused reality television show, vivacious Paige is excited, but Erin has problems with some of the things they are asked to do. This is the first novel in the On the Runway series.

Always Watching by Brandilyn & Amberly Collins. When a frightening murder occurs after one of her famous mother's rock concerts, sixteen-year-old Shaley tries to help the police find the killer. This is the first novel in the Rayne Tour series.

Bad Ground by W. Dale Cramer. A 17-year-old honors his mother's dying wish and seeks his estranged uncle who was badly burned in the accident that killed the teen's father.

Chosen by Ted Dekker. Four sixteen-year-old recruits are chosen for a special mission--to find the seven lost Books of History that have power over the past, present, and future. This is the first novel in the Lost Books series.

Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn. A summer in California for fourteen-year-old Wisconsin farm girl Christy Miller brings her a new image, a moral dilemma involving the local fast crowd, an encounter with Christianity, and a vortex of questions about what is important in life. This novel is part of the Christy Miller series.

Just Like Ice Cream by Lissa Halls Johnson. When her summer romance results in pregnancy, sixteen-year-old Julie receives support from her friend, a youth minister's wife, as she makes a life-changing decision--to have an abortion, keep her baby, or give it up for adoption.


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Summer In Iron Springs
Book (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)

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Simple, i learned by reading

2011-04-07 14:30:17 by alfer1

I grew up with a voracious appetite for fiction...having an extremely boring home life, and not allowed a real social life, i learned to escape through books.
mythology was one of my biggest draws, and it was a short connection between egyptians, greeks, romans, norse and christians. of course, i wasn't allowed to openly question these things in a christian household.
i placed myself on the agnostic list til my late teens, which placated the family a bit...when i moved out and joined the navy, i was very open with my atheism and proudly wear it now. even in large groups of bible thumpers, i hold my ground proudly.

Rivulet Publishing Chop, Chop
Book (Rivulet Publishing)
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again
Book (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
Raw Deal (Beauty for Ashes: Book One) A Christian Novel
eBooks ()
Lisa Grace Books Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 (The Angel Series)
eBooks (Lisa Grace Books)

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